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Need advice for metasis colorectal

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My Mother has Stage IV colorectal cancer which has metasized to the liver and last week we found out the 5FU has not stopped the spread. It is now in her lymph nodes in her liver and 2 spots on her lungs. SHE IS 49!!! Because of the large rectal tumor, she now has a osti bag. She has no one to talk to and is down. She has always been very active-Postal carrier walking 9 miles a day. She has lost 30lbs and is homebound most of the time which is depressing for her. She is now on Avastin and 5FU and looking for a break. Anyone out there who share the same issues as she does? I am trying to provide her with every resource out there.

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Welcome to our site. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. My cancer was confined to my colon, however, it had spread to 3 out of 31 lymph nodes. There will be others who are stage 4 survivors that can answer many of your questions. I was treated with Oxaliplatin. Avastin was not availble when I began chemo. How lucky your mom is to have you as an advocate. Information is powerful. Please keep us posted on your mom. You both will be in my thoughts and prayers.


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What did they do about the lymph nodes? Did the chemo kill them or did you have to have surgery? Where were the lymph nodes located?

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Hi. I was diagnosed with stage III rectal cancer. I don't have the same issues as your mom in terms of stage IV metastisis. However, my surgery did result in a colostomy. I would be happy to be in touch with your mom (via you, if that suits better) about any issues relating to the colostomy or using pouches. Have you or she checked out the United Ostomy Association website (uoa.org)? The 'general discussion' group has a lot of information and support. Best wishes to you both.

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Thank you for your response. Mom is not computer savvy-yet. I am working on getting her that way. I printed several emails from this group yesterday for her and she was SO VERY encouraged! She has applied for the newsletter and the local osti support group in Dallas. She was hospitalized last Saturday because the barium for the CT, along with the chemo and meds constipated her very badly. She just mentioned how it would be nice to talk with others who are experiencing the same things she is and who have new insights.

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Welcome to our site. You, and your mother, if she chooses to correspond here, will find many encouraging, supportive, and well-informed cancer survivors and caregivers here. I'm stage III, diagnosed last year at age 49, but there are MANY stage IV survivors with inspiring stories.

I just finished my chemo. I tried to walk as much as possible all through my treatments. It must be very hard for your active mom to be housebound. I hope she will be able to find a way to exercise--it's a natural anti-depressant! I wish you both courage and positive vibes. Let us know how we can help.

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You ahve come to the right place. There are many here who can empathise and understand hr situation well. My own case is a little different as I was stage 3 but also young (31) and can understand how this illness really gets you down when it prevents you doing so much of what you used to enjoy. Encourage your motehr to come to this site and discuss some of her concerns- she wil find herself among friends and perople who can give not only a welcome shoulder when needed but active advise and encouragement.

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Thank you so much. I am working on that. Mom was not intially diagnosed with Stage IV-but it has progressed very quickly. I have shared with her about this avenue and I am working on getting her on the net.

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