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update on my father

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It's been a long time since my last post but thought I'd pass on the latest. Last week my father had his first CAT scan since the chemo started. Some of the tumours have shrunken a little but more importantly, it has not spread nor has the # of tumours increased. They would like him to continue with the next 4 treatments (he's done 4 of 8) and may add 2 more. He is receiving the strongest dose possible and although he is very tired, he has had no side effects to speak of. Some of you may remember that I wondered if it was worth it. Absolutely. The docs streamlined his care so that he only has to go into the city once every two weeks and all the appts are in one day. He goes to his local doc to get unhooked and a homecare nurse comes in to change his bandage. Blood work is also done locally. The onc. figures that so far looking at the scan and the fact that his liver function tests are still normal, this has given him at least another 9-20 months. Considering he was only given 9 in the first place, and that we are in that 9th month now, we are very thankful.

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Hi Colsie,

I'm happy to hear that things are much more manageable than you originally thought. With new options continually being tested and discovered, perhaps in 20 months another regimen might be available for him. Keep the faith.


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Hi Colsie,

Thank you for letting us know how things are going. It's a roller coaster, isn't it? It's good to hear that the treatment is as streamlined as possible.

I hope that amidst the treatments and worries you and your father are able to find ways to celebrate the fact that you're alive and together. And spring is coming!

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