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Dad all clear-Hoorah!!!

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Hi all, I forgot to tell you that my dad had his first colonoscopy last week. He's 78. Thank God it was clean as a whistle. Mom had one few months ago and she had one polyp that was noncancerous. She had breast cancer and had one breast removed about 10 years and no problems since. So, at least God is watching over my mom and dad for me. He watches over me too, even though at times, It's hard to feel it. He has a plan for me. I don't know what it is, but He does, Sorry to get on my spiritual soapbox. I just feel so blessed to have all of you, my family , my church, and my friends.
Love ya all, Judy(grandma047)

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hi judy,
glad to hear everything is okay with mom and dad.
you are next. keep positive and keep the faith. i know it is hard sometimes to keep the faith. i went back to work recently and i am having a hard time of it, being stressed which i don't need. than all the dr, bills and i have insurance 10k right now my portion. sorry to rant having a bad day. wife is not there for me today.
all the best

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That's great news, Judy. Thanks for telling us. Please pass along our hearty congratulations to your clean-coloned father.

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Great news, Judy.
I lost my dad to colon cancer; if he had had a colonoscopy anytime before age 82, when they found a tumor completely blocking his colon, he might have had a better chance. Keep spreading the word about the need for the screenings, and good luck with your upcoming treatments.
the other Judy

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