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National Colorectal Awareness month

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Hi this letter is for us semi-colon', kmowing it is NCAM, I have been spreading the word, even our local paper had "Daffidol Days with a colon cancer recipeint @ the center I go to & no word of it so I wrote the paper. I mean nice pic but no acknolegmentof our disease.
Sponge Bob I need you to write me because you have alot to say & word it soo well.
Please contact me because I love to hear from U, and need some good throw backs to the paper,because of their lack of knowing, I already sent them my opinion,,plus I'd like to chat with u, but heard you were "out to sea"
Take care all, and S.B. write me if possible
Need to share stuff, Thank you Amos aka slammer
Tequilla is in me tonight opps
Love Amos

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I agree Amos. Over here in OZ there is definately a need for more awareness specifically on our ilness..colon cancer. What really concerns me is the high possibility that many people may have the disease but are unaware of it because in a lot of cases no symptoms show up until the cancer reaches advanced stages(from about stage 2 on)
Many cases are not dx'd until stage 3 simply due to lack of symptoms. The other thing that worries me is the fact that bleeding from haemharroids "very often" the cause of incorrect dx-ing. That is a fact I have known over here for a long time. I was dx'd in 97 with haemharroids but not dx'd with bowel cancer until 03 and that was only due to my cancer almost completely blocking the bowel. The cancer went thru the bowel wall and was a 2/3 blockage as well. Many cancers do not block the bowel but do intrude the wall or go on to invade outside the bowel. If not for my blockage and the symptoms involved they may well not have found my cancer until stage 3 or 4.....I was somewhat lucky.
The issue here is that ALL unusual bowel activity should be thoroughly investigated whether or not bleeding is present..AND...ALL bleeding deemed to be the result of haemharroids should also be further investigated. This means not just with a sigmoidoscopy but a full colonoscopy and/or barium enema.
I am not the only person to have haemharroids...indeed we all have them potentially...they just cause a lot of misdirection as to the "care" needed to correctly dx any other bowel related problems.
Nuff said......cheers, kanga n Jen

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I am aware that it is National Colorectal Awareness Month. The Colon Cancer Alliance is doing a great job of advertising. Watch the Today show all next week - Katie Couric is having several people (survivors, etc) on her show each day to help bring awareness to our disease.

Also, contact your local ACS or check out the Colon Cancer Alliance website for the new colon cancer pins. They are pretty neat and by wearing one you spread awareness of this disease each and every day. I wear mine daily. If you want more information, email me.

Also, during March Madness basketball, the CCA is asking for volunteers to be interviewed by the media and to help spread the word. I can give you more information.


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We need to scream it out. I wear my Livestrong & a colon cancer bracelet. When people ask or comment, I tell them it is for colon cancer awareness. I talk to anyone about my cancer. Just to spread the word, and increase awareness in the medical profession.

I am a young "healthy" doctor, who doesn't look sick at all! I blow most people away when I tell them I am stage 4. But I feel it is my place. I don't feel right hiding it. I am a cancer survivor, and people need to hear my story so other young people with rectal bleeding get proper testing before the cancer spreads.

Oops, sorry about the soapbox. It is up to us to tell everyone we can to know about the disease. For me, it is worldwide colorectal awareness life.

Thanks for starting the thought. jana

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Last month I launched a letter writing campaign to the local newspapers pleading with them to make some small mention of the fact that March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month. They fail to see the cruel irony in devoting page after page to the release of jailbird Martha Stewart (including the crochet pattern for a poncho that she wore the day she was released from prison) Martha and her cronies at Imclone cashed in their stock the day before Erbitux was denied approval from the FDA. The attempt to fast track this colon cancer drug failed due to sloppy testing and inaccurate data. The greed driven market manipulation delayed the release of Erbitux by two and a half years.
How many patients suffered and died because of this arrogant, unfeeling bunch of chiselers? It is impossible to know since this disease kills by inches. The consequences of denying an effective form of chemotherapy will be felt for some time, by the patients and their families and friends.
The local rags fail to see the juxtaposition of extensive coverage for the Domestic Felon and the lack of same for colon cancer as anything but business as usual. They are dancing on the graves of the victims of these evildoers. Sometimes I wonder if all the media is one conglomerate owned by some greedy, venal thief.
In a panicky moment of paranoia, I cancelled all subscriptions to newspapers, magazines and stopped watching TV. You can't be too careful--Big Brother is watching...
I am mad a hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!

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I have started an anti-Martha website, and have gotten some press. I would be more than happy to put a link and message on my site. If someone wants to type it up and email it to me, I will put it on ASAP. I need more people to take a stand against Martha and her media machine. My web site is www.realmartha.com. There is a message board and place to send emails. I do not have cancer, but I have seen the devestating effects from affected family members.
~All of my respect, Shawn

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