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Any one my age with ALL?

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I am 15 and in remission. I was diagnosed with All when I was 9. I just wanted someone to talk to email me if you need a new friend!


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Congratulations on being in remission. You may want to consider posting your request on the Leukemia discussion board also. Another option would be to browse the Personal Web Pages. You can do this by clicking on Personal Web Pages on the left hand side of the page. From there you can click on the type of cancer, age and status. If you find someone you are interested in contacting, you can do this through the CSN internal email system!

I hope you have found this information helpful!

Take care and be well!

CSN Dana

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Dana.... aren't you a bit older than 15?? Samantha is looking for other 15 year-olds....ok?... just kidding! ;-) Yes Samantha... you can post on the Leukemia site too. And scroll the personal sites. Good luck and Congrats on your remission!
-Michael (ALL survivor)

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Don't remind me! But it beats the alternative...

:-) Dana

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