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Chemo and metallic tongue effect..

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Folks, I've recently completed my 5th round of chemo and my tongue is taking a beating!!! Nothing is tasting right...and I understand that this problem could go on after chemo for at least a year, is that true? I'm sure that some of you have experienced this same problem, I would be greatful for any help/tips/advice on this matter...cuz I like to eat...

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I had the same problem with my tongue and that was after one round of chemo. I was devasted when peanut butter tasted yucky.

Fortunately for me it didn't last that long... maybe a week (I had three weeks between treatments). I only made it through two treatments when the side effects were too much for me. The bad tasting tongue was the least of all of them.

Good luck!


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Yeah, I had that, too. I just finished my six months and my tongue is much better, but still kind of funky. I don't have any advice except I wouldn't get too wound up over how long it might last. Everyone is different and I found that my symptoms varied quite a bit from treatment to treatment. I'm curious to hear if anyone found any helpful tricks for this, though.

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Hello!! My name is Barbara. I had 5 months of chemo for primary liver cancer and at least 2 months extra for metalic tongue syndrome. It also affected my smell. During chemo, while talking to all the other chemo patients,(at least 10-12 every visit) and not all the same people, every one said to mix a little vinegar in with your food and you could actually taste the food. I tried it, and it worked on some foods...... Go figure... I hate vinegar..

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Had a simialr thing fromt hte 5FU which subsided quickly after #i stopped chemo. Not sure if that is what is causing yours as otehr regimes affect thte tongue and taste in different ways- 5FU does it by causing an oral mucositis so the tongue gets inflammed.

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Hi Buster,

I had the metallic taste in my mouth after each chemo round. However, it did not last. Hopefully, this will resolve for you soon.

Take care,


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Hiya Buster. I did 6 months 5fu/leucovorin and the metallic taste I likened to chewing on a piece of lead. It was with me most of the time but especially during the week immed. following the chemo. I found that drinking "flat" ginger ale helped(open the bottle and let the fizz escape). Also I sucked on crystalized ginger sweets..that helped too.
cheers, kanga n Jen

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