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Chemo round cancelled AGAIN

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Hi all, Was scheduled to start the new chemo today, FOLFIRI. I've been feeling really bad since before I even went in to the hospital last Friday. When I went today all my blood counts were really low, red, white, platelet and hemoglobin. They gave me an injection and said I will have to have it every two weeks. They also cancelled all of this round. Will recheck blood Wednesday and if ok, I'll start round then. Please pray that my counts will come up enough to have the chemo, The tumor is growing, so I really need to have this. Thanks to everyone for being there for me through this very long journey. Love you all.
Love and prayers, Judy

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Dear Judy, I'm praying that your body rebounds quickly for he chemo; but, in the meantime you can rest and recup. You went through a lot last week; maybe this break is what your body needs. Was the injection Procrit; gosh, it really helped my RBC-hemoglobin. Iknow you are anxious for chemo to start. i hope all goes well. It seems that your doc is really working on your behalf. Take care and know that my thoughts are with you. Maura

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You are one of the strongest and bravest people here. I hope you heal quickly... and that the chemo kicks the ___ out of the tumor.

Thinking of you always. jana

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Wow, Judy, I am so impressed with your strong spirit. I am thinking about you and praying for you. Maybe you'll just do this chemo thing in your own way, slowly and a little at a time. We are with you all the way.

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Hi Judy,

I hope that this weekend will give your body the rest that it needs and that it will be ready to start again next Wednesday.

I'll keep you in my prayers.


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I gain alot of hope for my hubby when I read your posts. You are a very strong and remarkable person. I am so happy that you have a dr. who is fighting with you to kick this thing in the butt. Keep up the good work and with the support of those of us who are tracking your every move with wonder God Bless you. Put it all in his hands and you will be amazed at what good things will come your way. Keep posting.
Love and prayers, PJ

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It happened to my brother many times...and then all went well and he had the treatment.He had to skip treatments onc e in a while...
Your blood will be ok on Wendesday ..meanwhile rest.
Take care!

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You make me very happy Judy, to hear that you are so eager to get back on your chemo. Sure...I know how hard it has been for you throughout this ordeal. We have watched and kept you in our hearts all the way sweetie. Even tho you don't want to do the chemo(I didn't either) you have the courage and strength babe to tell us you really do want to kick the demons arse!!!!!
Luv yu for it sweetie!!..kanga n Jen

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