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need prayer and support

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hey all. hope all is going well. i ask for my need cuz my grandma who is 80 was supposed to have gall stones and the surg to remove blockage to her liver showed a suspicous lesion. dr sd thinks it is probably ampullary cancer which is like pancreatic. i am learning and i am still healing myself from my surg. i just want the best for my grandma and dr is supposed to give the biopsy results today. i told him that i had colon cancer he sd it is not that. he sd the surg for the cancer is very tuff and i sd i know about tuff surgeries and he sd you have not idea you have not been through something like this. i was alot offended but i held my tounge. needless to say anything that will need to be done will be done somewhere else. thank you for listening as i will try to help save my grandmas life. take care all.


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Hi Nattie,
I am sorry that Doc was so insensitive! What a Git! I will pray for your Grandma and for you. You are the bravest dearest person. Tuff indeed! That Doc has no idea!
Love and Hugs to you and your Grandma,

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Nettie, That doc was so rude. He has no idea what you have been through. You can't compare one surgery to another, as everyone does differently. I will be praying for your grandma. Wish I still had my grandma around, they are so special. I'll be praying for you too.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Yep, I agree. That doc doesn't have a clue! Some people are so rude.

I will add your grandma to my well wishees.

Take care of yourself. jana

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Your grandmother is lucky to have you caring about her so deeply. I wish you both all the best.

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Hi Nettie,

I'll am sending well wishes to both you and your grandmother.

Take care,


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