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I'm new to this wholeeee thing!

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hi everyone, i'm a 17 year old female from Redford, Michigan and was just diagnosed about a month ago with Wilm's tumor (the children's form of kidney cancer) I am said to be the oldest person ever to be seen with this certain type of cancer and my doctors were surprised we hadn't caught it before...basically what I am saying is on February 28th, I had my whole right kidney removed and I am in recovery right now. I am just afraid that later on in life I will be diagnosed with a different type of cancer...am I just being paranoid or do I have a reason to be worried? Any type of reply will help me out greatly...thank you :)


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Hey Allyson,

I think most of us are a little paranoid of getting cancer again, even after beating it. So what you're feeling is entirely normal.

I've known several Wilms survivors though, and none of them have had any cancer problems again in the 15 years since it was first treated. Unlike Renal Cell, Wilms responds to chemo (and I think radiation). Not fun to go through, but it least it can work well.

Rest up, feel better, and hang in there.

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Hi Allyson. My name is Jenniefer and I had wilms tumor almost 16 years ago and I'm doing just fine. I still have nightmares about getting cancer again but I read somewhere that wilms tumor survivors have only a 1% chance of getting cancer again. If you would like to talk more and be friends e-mail me here on the site or at atian_cat@yahoo.com Talk to you later!

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I have a 4yr old girl, stage iv wilms, has just finished treatment, 9 months chemo + radiation, it had spread to her lungs- favourable type and good response to chemo - lungs cleared in a few weeks - is there any survivor out there that has had the same stage as my daughter - we have been told she has a 75-80% chance of it not coming back!!

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I know I am a little replying to these message as they were written in 2005 but I thought I would respond anyway. I had wilms stage 4 when I was 12 (which is also considered very old to get the child's cancer!) I am now 25 and have had no recurrences or long term side affect, presently. I still worry about getting cancer again but I think all cancer survivors feel the same. I won’t leave it ruin the rest of my life.

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HI: I'M the mother of a man who was diagnosed on 5-1-2010 with a mass on his left kidney. We do not know what type of surgery he wil need to have done. Were thinking the (CRYO) Frozen procedure. The Dr. is in Birmingham, AL. He didnet have his records from the hospital when he went in on 5-11-2010. He has got to call him & let him know what his choices are after he looks at the cat scan this evening at the hospital. His partner was my son Dr. while in the hospital. I felt that he should of had the test results & should of concurred with his partner. My son seems to want to stick with this Dr. I'm a little upset that he was not more prepared for my sons appointment & forthcoming with more information. So he is full of fear & I think I'M as well. We have to try to deal with what comes one day at a time. I had a biopsy done this past year on my left breast. It was not cancerous. But I'M afraid every day. I try to put my faith into god. I pray every day about my son & I ask god to be with me. That is how i make it through the day. As well as thinking psoitive & being thankful for each day & what we have in our lives. So for anyone dealing with cancer it is a scary place to have to be. Look to family & friends for support. Good luck & my god be with you.

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I have read your various posts regarding your son and his diagnosis. Generally with a smaller tumor there is a full recovery after surgery. I am coming up on 8 years since I was diagnosed and the worst part was waiting for the surgery as the tumor was small (2.7cm) and they did not do it on an emergency basis. You mentioned that you are in Birmingham Alabama. I visited the UAB Medical facilities for a few days about 30 years ago and that is a top teaching and medical hospital and you should be in good hands there.

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I lost my right kidney (Laproscopic with larger incision lower to remove the kidney) in 2006 due to clear cell renal carcinoma and had cyro on my left kidney April 8, 2010 for a 1cm clear cell renal carcinoma, Grade 2. The surgeon & I agreed on the cryo due to me only having the one kidney and it being a small spot. I had Laproscopic because we wanted to make sure there was no uncontrolled bleeding that if we had not done laproscopic they may not have been aware of. I'm 57 yr old female. I started work again on May 11th. I'm very tired and have some back discomfort but the healing process has gone quite well. Just make sure that after what ever surgery he has he continues to get scans every 6 months to year! This is a good place to get support and also go to www.dailystrength.org for more support. Click on the Renal Cell Carcinoma discussion group. With prayers. He will do fine with what ever surgery you decide on.

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