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CEA results

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Hiya all you everlovin semi-colons!!!!! I ent to the clinic tday to get my results and the receptionist told me my doc. wanted to have a talk with me.(she would ring me after 2pm. grrr!)
Well----the sh..... hit tha fan!! I went round to Jen's work and she took one look at me and knew something was up!
Now holdup guys!!!.....it's ok..all is well thankfully. The doc. phoned after 2pm and told me the receptionist made a mistake......all my doc. wanted to tell me was things were fine!!!!!!
Struth, a guy could go nuts waiting those 4 hours for the "right" news!!

Hey Sponger....you got your results back yet buddy?
luv n huggs to all,
kanga(who is now happier) n Jen

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good for you kanga. i am so happy for you. what a releif now you can celebrate one more bit of great news. sorry you had to wait so long for the results. may you continue on your road to recovery and great health.


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Hi Kanga, so glad your results came back good. This whole ordeal is such an uphill battle, but to hear this kind of news makes the spirit rise!

Hugs to you and Jen.

Linda (Baltimore)

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Great news! May you continue to have great test results. We semi-colons spend lots of time in suspense.......... Sure wish we had a magic wand and just Poof this disease would never rear its head again. But we don't - instead we have each other to help get us through the suspense, rejoice in the good news and pray with us during the bad news.

I'm so happy for you and Jen.


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Bloody brilliant mate. Crack open a XXXX and toast yourself. Well done,

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I am very happy for both you and Jen. I'm sorry you had to go through that extra waiting period, but thank goodness it was good news!

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My dad just had his post chemo follow up scans and everything was also clean as a whistle, so again, happy happy news to all! Celebrate!


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Great News, Kanga...it is hard to hold your breath for 4 hours, each of which musta felt like an eternity! Hope you are breathing easy again! Relax and enjoy. Judy

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WHEW! I'll try to keep this story in mind next time I'm waiting for an ominous call back.

Yahoo! Such great news!!!

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Great to hear the GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope that You gave Jen a GREAT BIG HUG as she deserves it to putting up with you !!!! I mean that is a GOOD way!!!!!

Have a GREAT evening!!!!! Take Jen out to dinner and celebrate!!!!!

Best Wishes for continued success!!!!!

Love to BOTH of you!!!!


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hey kanga,
wow great news keep it up mate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
did your ever find that bottle of scotch !!!!
cheers to you and jen
all the best

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All I can say is hugs to you, Jen and Tess!!!!!

I am so very happy for you Kanga!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Joined: Jan 2005

Kanga, great news! Thank you for sharing.

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Hi Kanga,

I'm thrilled that you got a clear report. What an agonizing wait you must have had until you got that call!!!

Sending continued well wishes and happiness your way.



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