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In hospital AGAIN :<(

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Hi all, Sorry havent posted in a while. I just got out of the hospital yesterday afternoon. I called my chemo doctor Thursday because I had a cold or the flu. They wanted me to come in for bloodwork. I did and my counts are down. I had an appt with the doctor the next day. He examined me and said the FOLFOX4 is not doing anything. He is going to change me from FOLFOX4 to FOLFIRI regimen. I forget right now what that includes. Anybody tell me anything about it??? I hate to start new chemo because I don't know how my body will react to it. He said if that doesn't work, he will add Xeloda. In fact, he said the tumor has grown some more. He ordered a CT Scan and told the nurse he wanted it by Monday or Tuesday. Well, they schueduled it for the same day. Said they would have the results Monday. I went out with my family and ate and was doing ok. Got home and was going to the kitchen and thought i had urinated on myself. Turned out, I was pouring blood. Called chemo doctor and he said call ambulance, that I could be hemoraghing. Went to emergency room and they called surgeon. They examined me and said it was coming from vagina. They admitted me to the oncology floor in a private room because my temperature was almost 102 and blood counts low, They didn't want me to be around anyone else with anything. Doctor cauterized me from tailbone to front and packed me. Let me come home yesterday. Said if it starts bleeding again to come back to hospital. I am really exhausted. But...glad to be home. On with the journey. Will this nightmare ever end???? Glad to be back. Missed you all.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Hi Judy, so sorry to hear about your hospitalization, hope things get better. Hang in there girl there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Remember Cancer makes you stronger and never give up. Be strong, Livin.

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Hi Judy/Grandma... So sorry to hear you landed in the hospital. But actually it was for the best if you had problems beyond home, Obviously!
Maybe getting the right chemo balance for you is what you need, but I am concerned this Dr. is really playing around, with your meds, I mean even you know what you've had then whammo "let's try this", Damn-it! But just wanted to say hello & God Bless, I really can't say anything else cuz the medical people are who you should trust, Thanks for the update & really rest!!!! REST,
Love Amy

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Sorry to hear of yor recent problems. It does seem like one thing after the other at times in this journey. It seems to give you little let up. Your strength in continuing to fight despite all you hae been through is remarkable. Will keep you in our thoughts and hope things improve for you,

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Hiya Judy, look for a message from me in your email. Hope it will go some way to cheer you up.Hang in there sweetie,
lotsa luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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Judy, so sorry to hear of this other obstacle. You seem to have so many to overcome. You will be in our prayers.

Linda (Baltimore)

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Hello Judy,
I am so sorry to hear of your recent hospitalization. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that you can rest and feel the support of everyone around you. maura

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Hi Judy,
What a scary experience. I'm glad for you that they were able to stop the bleeding. You have had such incredibly difficult experiences; what a strong person you are!
You continue to be in my prayers; stay strong. the other Judy

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hi judy,
sorry to here of your hard time. just know we are here for you 24/7. sounds like dr on the ball.
never give up never !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all the best

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