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Small cell in colon

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I have been looking for someone that has the small cell carcinoma in the colon, my 29yr old brother was diagnosed with it in Jan 2005. Does anyone have any info on this cancer.Thank you

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To csn guy,
Thank you for your help.

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The specific cell type of my colon cancer is called signet ring cell with mucinous features. It is very aggressive and fast moving. I haven't found anyone who also has this specific type of cell and the stats show that the mortality rate is like 80%, so not sure if there are others out there or not. Is your "small cell" colon cancer similar to that?

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Hello Maria,

My mum was diagnosed with neuroendocrine small cell carcinoma of the colon in April last year. She has 18 inches of her bowel removed and nine lymph nodes - eight of which had cancer in them> She underwent six months of chemotherapy. We have been told that because the cancer is so rare not much is known about it except that it is very agressive. It has been very hard on us not being able to find out any information to help us and no statistics. We've also found it hard that the popular cancers get all the attention and the people with rare cancers never get a mention or have money directed their way to do more research. I hope your brother has more luck than we did in regard to information and I want you to know that I understand exactly what you and your family are going through when receiving such a diagnosis of a loved one and not being able to help them.


We're in Australia

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I am a 30 year old female diagnosed with small cell colon cancer. Feb. 2006. i am looking for any information or contact info.

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