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Lupron / wild emotional variability?

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I started Lupron injections about a year ago. Recently (2-3 weeks ago) I began going into and out of DRASTIC depressive mood swings; never had any such volatility otherwise. No change in diagnosis, all's still going well in that regard, and I'm not prone to denial/avoidance anyhow. Given the hormonal shift, can Lupron lead to a sort of drastic semi-PMS? (I do expect to talk to my oncologist about this later this week; I'd like practical anecdotal data as well.) Thanks.

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You are not alone in the mood swings regarding Lupron injections. I tried Lupron therapy twice with the results the same both times. After the third shot I was an emotional mess. My wife, bless her heart told me that there was not room for two women in our house. We had a good laugh about my becoming a blubbering female. I also had another side effect that may or not be the norm. My joints really started to bother me big time. I have been very active all my life and this side effect was probably the worst for me personally. It was like I had arthritis in all my joints. I am sixty and still playing softball, at least trying to play. I think they made the base paths longer when I was not looking and the fences further out.

If you can stand the mood swings and such hang in there, every time I went off my PSA elevated. The Cancer has now metastacized to my spine and several ribs. I am now waiting for my prescription of Casodex only,hopefully that will help lower the psa I also had an orchiecetmy to remove that dreaded testostornne.

Good luck, you are in my prayers

Mike Beavers Lodi, Ohio

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I've been on M.D. Anderson Cancer Center's version of Casodex only (aka bicalutimide monotherapy) now finishing up my 18-month prescription. Works like a hose! I currently have and had bone mets to the right shoulder, neck, spine, a few ribs, and the pelvis. I don't feel a thing...nuttin! PSA at one time was 142.2 and Casodex dropped it like a rock down to 11 (darn low for me).

Other than that, I haven't had squat...no orchiectomy, no Lupron, zip zero...nothing, period. Maybe it's my investigational nutritional supplement: Hooter's hot wings and a cold beer. Other than an American Medical Systems penile implant (ouch), my own version of adjuvant therapy includes swinging a leg over a hot Harley every chance I get.

Sometimes, treatment protocols have forks in the roads as to treatment options that are up to the patient. If soft-tissue mets don't rear their heads, the more recents stats show there's insignificant difference in survivability time-lines: bicalutimide (Casodex only) monotherapy vs total androgen blockade.

Good Luck!

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Good to hear of what's working. I'm keeping a journal of anecdotal support -- thanks very much for the input on Casodex.

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Chuck, as long as you recoginze what is causing the swings you are in control. Some of us have had extreme to zero response. I reached the point where coffee clutch and going shopping became regular-- drove my wife crazy but it too will pass. Just recognize what is causing it and that it is only one stage in your cure and you can get through it. Just put the credit cards away in a safe place to avoid shopping.
If it is of any solace, my doctor indicated that it is believed to have several benefits (hormone treatment).
1. it deprives the cancer cells of its food chain
2. it weakens and makes the cancer more acceptable to radiation due to the deprevation of food.
3. Possibility of less radiation --(I only had to have 52 seeds verse the 122+ expected prior to start of Lupron due to shrinkage of the cancer mass)thus, less radiation burning of good tissue.
Whether all of this is 1000% accurate (3 yrs later) it did reduce the amount of radiation and healing time.
You already know what the down side is to Lupron, thought you may want to know some of the upside.

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