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need good vibes

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Hi all. I had a CT scan last week... and I get my results tomorrow afternoon. The last 2 scans showed a pulmonary nodule that isn't growing, but I was on chemo during that time. I am a young, healthy (except for the cancer thing) non-smoker, who doesn't have many reasons for pulmonary nodules to appear.
I'm usually pretty calm and easy going, but need good vibes to flow in my direction tonight and tomorrow.
Thanks to all of you - hope everyone is doing well. j

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I'm waiting for my c-t scan results (due Tuesday), too. I'm sending you visions of health and the best vibes I can find! Please post as soon as you can after your appointment. I'll be looking out for you.

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you are in my prayers.

please let us know what you find out.

peace, emily who is praying good results for you!

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Hi There! My good thoughts are right there for you! Prayers & all, The waiting game is so tough, and for you & rejoyous I am sending best wishes & speedy out-comes. Hope you have early a.m. appts, so there is no stress all day.God Bless & Kick Butt on cancer!
Love Amy

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Hiya Jana..here ya are sweetie(kanga leans over with a shoulder)
I too await my blood tests this week so lets "lean" on each other!
luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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I am sending all the positive vibes i can muster for you today.

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Hi Jana,

I will be sending you all the best vibes I have for the best results. I'll be thinking of you and waiting to hear. Take care sweetie.


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hello my friend. i will be praying for you. in the time you wait for the results just know i will be thinking of you and waiting to hear. i really hope it all ends up to be nothing. i am here if you need. take care


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Scout and I have you covered from the mid Atlantic regions!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Will drink a glass of wine to ease your nerves tonight. Not sure it works that way but will be thinking of you,

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i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I am sure everything will be just fine, please let us know,



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