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re waiting times for having kidney removed

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my dad will have his kidney removed March 16th.. but he has been waiting just over 7 weeks for this op, ( even tho he has health insurance) i think thats a fairly long time, suppose im just worried.

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Hey Mandy,

It was over two months after they first spotted the mass in my kidney, before they operated. Your dad may be just fine.

If they caught the cancer in time, a few weeks shouldn't make too much of a difference.

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I had my kidney removed 1/17 and I knew about a month before. I agree with the others - a few weeks should not make a difference but if he feels uncomfortable with the surgeon he should get a second opinion. I did and I stayed with my first choice and I was very glad I stayed with my original choice. Ended up with a great doctor.

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I was diagnosed with a kidney lesion in March and did not have my surgery until July and my six month CT scan was just fine. My doctor told me that kidney cancer is slow growing. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at sassyrooab@yahoo.com. ---Paula

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Hi mandymum, my mother was diagnosed in Sept. with kidney CA, had it removed in November, lots of test prior to removal. Its the waiting game.

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