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First Anniversary

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I had my first Colonoscopy a week ago since my Bowel resection On April 1 of 2004. The doctor removed three polyps. Pathology reported yesterday that they were pre-cancerous. Therefore, I am now officially in remission. I slept last night better than I have in a month. Now, I know most of us dread having any tests done that may reveal something new. But trust me, knowing is far better than not knowing. It's just like the last time. If I had not had the Colonoscopy, I would eventually have developed cancer. As it was, my first Colonoscopy revealed Stage II Adenocarcinoma. If I had ignored my doctor's urging, I would not be here now. So, If any of you, my friends, are thinking of skipping your annual check up, or if you have friends who have never had one done and they are in the demographic group, please have it done or urge them to have it done. It just might save your life.

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Thank you for sharing the good news--it gives me something to look forward to. I'm just slightly more than 2 months post surgery for stage II and looking forward to the 1 year point.

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Congratulations!!!! and AMEN.
I had my first colonoscopy since my early May surgery for Stage II and was totally free! I slept much better that night. The hard part for me is letting go and allowing myself to think I just may come out of this okay. I catch myself trying to suppress that feeling, and try to let it go.
So many folks on here are locked in such a heroic battle it's really astounding. There are so many brave people I want to be one of them.

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Great news!

Good to see you urging your friends to get scoped. Youre never too young - as many of the Semi-Colons will vouch for.

Stay well.

- SpongeBob

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Congratulations on the good news. Over here in OZ I am a firm advocate for early detection. I have found that many males have that "taboo" feeling about anything to do with bodily functions. Many who know of my cancer "quietly" take me aside to ask about symptoms..they just find it embarassing to talk about..not a good way to be. Recently 3 out of 5 male friends went to have a checkup because they had bleeding from the bowel and thought it was just haemharoids.....not good thinking! Fortunately they all tested ok......but as in my case....haemharoids "could" have masked cancer. So it is imperative we all keep an open mind and initiate discussions, particularly with men(who never want to see a doctor!) , so that cancer tests are done for any unusual bowel activity.
cheers, kanga n Jen

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