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update from onc appt

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hello again. had my appt on fri. my onc is keeping me off chemo for 6 mths and scanning me every two. all the tumors are very small. he said at this point does not think chemo is going to do a whole lot and that my body has taken such a beating and being how i get so sick he feels giving me a break to get back in shape and let my body get stronger, when it is time to blast me again i will tolerate is better and my body can do better. that all seems strange yet i understand. i hope this disease does not grow for years to come and i can just enjoy a chemo free life for a while, cuz i enjoy life being a mom and that is my driving force. this is all very exhausting but the Lord has given me the strength to bear this burden and for that i am most thankful. take care a peace to you all.


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Hi Nettie,

Keep your mind and spirit strong... the body will follow. It seems you are in good hands with your doctors, as long as you feel confident in their care... all is good.

Enjoy the chemo free time. Try some meditation/yoga, I love it. Gives me such moments of peace.

You remain with me. Please keep us informed. Thinking of you always. jana

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Nettie -

Good advice from Jana... Focus on being well. Have you considered doing the juicing thing while you're off chemo? I know that scouty had awesome results.

Be well.

- SpongeBob

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Hi Nettie,

I loved Sponge Bob and Jana's messages. There are lots of ways to heal besides the chemicals, and being off them gives you more energy to try out some alternatives. I'm looking forward to my post-chemo adventures in healing, as well. Love your body and help it get strong again!

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Hiya Nettie. A break from chemo is a chance to get out and "smell the roses", take in all that is around you. I often ponder the thought of ever doing chemo again Nettie.....I would of course but hope it will never happen. For those that do it all again I have the most sincere respect for. Get your strength back Nettie and try to enjoy the break. Luv kanga n Jen

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Hi Nettie,

I think it is a very wise decision to let your bod recover some. There are ways you can help it along and then some. I stopped chemo after 8 months and quite honestly, I was feeling like cha-cha. I started juicing and changed me diet completely. I am drinking a gallon of water a day and my skin and hair now looks better then it has in years (I actually have less grey hair then before chemo).

I had only be doing my new regime 8 weeks when I had my last tests and my blood work was really good. My tumors in the left lung and liver were all stable. My CEA actually dropped from 5.1 to 3.9 too. I was very pleased. I continue on my new diet and have my next test mid April and am very curious about it to say the least.

My whole concentration is to reverse to conditions within my body that made the cancer welcome. I like to think of it as frustrating the ******* cells to death!!!!!

Let me know if you want to know more. I will help you any way I can. I know how your feel.

Hugs and take very special care of yourself!!!!

Lisa P.

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