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Great News

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Great news today. Husband cancer free. Last month was the one year anniversary of his surgery. After the doc said "cancer free", he said some things like "no lymph nodes", "rectal surgical site looks great" (even showed me the picture), "removed a few very tiny polyps, but nothing to worry about", "see you again in 6 months".
After I heard "cancer free" i think i just zoned out except for the phrases above. I didn't even ask what he meant by any of them.
Thank you guys so much for your prayers and well wishes. I could not have survived this without you and this site.
Will check in every night to see how everyone is doing.
I know this might sound crazy but just for a second I hesitated about posting our good news. It really makes me feel bad for those still fighting. But then I reminded myself how much hope I had after reading people like RunnerZ, Sponge's stories about surviving.
I'm still scared...Will we ever stop worrying about this coming back. Probably not, but we have learned to take one day at a time.
God bless all of you...

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I cannot imagine sweeter words to read on this site than "cancer free." Please don't hesitate to share good news, it lets us all be hopeful. Congratulations to you and your husband and thank you for letting us celebrate with you.

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Congratulations on the fantastic news about your husband. Mine goes for his one year since surgery checkups soon and I hope that we hear those words cancer free also. It is wonderful to hear good news!!!

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Fab news- never be hesitant about posting such great news here. We all beenfit from hearing about success and does give hopw to us all.

Will drink a toast to you both tonight here in the UK,

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Kaye -

What great news! So glad to gear it! Hopefully you'll stay here with us and share your story with others who come here looking for hope and encouragement.


- SpongeBob

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Ditto here Kaye. Great to hear!!!!I think the encouragement offerred by any good news is a VERY important part of our "family" life here.
The sad and bad news is instigator of so much support and love offered by our friends here.
The good news is the "fuel" that drives us all on knowing that this demon can be beaten.
Ok, "can" may not be a finality...the fear in many ways still remains..but achieving NED is within our grasp. The good news many post here is what we all want to hear!!!
luv, kanga n Jen

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Congratulations on the great report. We love those words "cancer free!" Stay in touch!


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That's the nice thing about CSN; it's probably the only place where we can share both good and bad news with confidence that it will be received with the understanding and empathy that only cancer survivors / caretakers can give.. Nanuk

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