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Thoughts for Today

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I don't usually read my horoscope but did today and it seems to be relevant to us all.

"You'll have to build up your nerve and then rebuilt it. Anxiousness is a good sign though. It means that you have enough going on in your life to really care about what is at stake."

That sure helps explain why we all get so nervous and anxious about our testing.

Lisa P.

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How true! When I was really sick and in the middle of treatment and surgery, I had very few anxieties..I just made it through day to day. WHen I recovered from the treatment and returned to a new "normal" life, that was when I really got anxious about my future. Now, more than 6 years post-diagnosis, I'm anxious about everthing else in life....and cancer keeps slipping further away. Good thought for the day!

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Oh yes, Lisa. I get a little anxious on fridays. It means the weekend is here and Jen and I can go out riding together. It also means that while I am concentrating on avoiding everyone else on the road I am far, far away thoughtwise from my recent tests. Keeping ones mind and body occupied helps the stress levels.
So all you guys n gals try to find that little something to activate the body or mind..be it painting, knitting, taking tha dog for a walk or....catching our wonderfull world on a motorcycle!!
kanga n Jen

gotta go now--Jen wants her bike cleaned!!!

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Great thought, Lisa. Thaks for sharing.

Right on the money.

- Bob

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