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Reaction to Oxcaliplantin(sp?) other options?

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I have an appt. 3/14 with my onc. to dicuss other options since now I have developed a severe reaction to to the oxcal. If you remeber my first year of treatment was oxcal. and 5FU and second year was just the oxcal. after only stopping chemo for 5 months I have had a terrible relapse and wondering what other options anyone here knows of. As you can imangine I want to do what worked for me in the past and I am scared that I have no chance now since it seems all I read is how great oxcal. has made survival rates for colon cancer patients.

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I too had a reaction to oxaliplatin, during my 10th treatment(out of 12). They switched me to cpt11 for the last two treatments. A month after I was done with chemo I had a recurrence and am now taking chemo again with Leucovorin, 5FU, cpt11 and avastin. I can't believe how good I feel even though I'm being treated again. No tiredness, not much nausea and only a little diarhea. Such a change from the last time, I was so weak that I could hardly make it from the bed to the couch. Now I drive myself to and from chemo ( 100 miles round trip) and do pretty well what I want to. So check with your doctor, of course everyone reacts their own way to different medications but it surely has made a world of difference for me.
I'll be thinking of you, let us know how things work out.

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You know, Jenn -

That's the great thing about colon cancer (if there could be such a thing) - there is SO much research and so many new treatment options being developed. The face of colon cancer treatment changes almost daily. Regine's case is a perfect example.

Don't give up! Perhaps you could check into her regime - or maybe look at a clinical trial. There are lots of options still available to you - and, of course, don't forget about holistic treatments as well - how about picking up a Turbo-Veg 5000 and joining the juicing that is all the rage in New York and Paris.. well, OK, maybe not New York and Paris, but certainly Lonely Loon Lake, Minnesota and YeeHaw Holler, North Carolina. AND Juice Yoda and her Juice Jedi are always available to help make you strong in the ways of the juice. (oh boy - I'm gonna hear about that comment)

Live Strong

- SpongeBob

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good thing my R2D2 was lurking and tipped me off to this thread...otherwise I may have missed it! (thanks hon)

Yes, Jenn, join the juicing brigade and kick some cancer drones!

There are so many options. A good start, if you so choose to take this mission (oops wrong movie), is researching alternatives. I would gladly point you in that direction.


A Cancer Battle Plan by Anne Frahm--she did all that Western Medicine had to offer and was sent home to "get her affairs in order". She discovered juicing and diet and supplements and lived to tell and write the book. Her hubby followed up with the 'how-to' A Cancer Battle Plan Sourcebook by David Frahm.

Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillin--he runs a cancer center and explains the whole supplement approach whether you are taking chemo or not. It is highly informative.

Cancer Diagnosis--What to do next by W. John Diamond, M.D. and W. Lee Cowden, M.D. This explains "Clinically Proven, Safe and Nontoxic Treatments. It's a great resource.

The Makers Diet by Jordan Ruben PhD. this book has some of the best info on intestinal health that I have read. Also a great testimony.

The Cancer Prevention Diet by Michio Kushi --a macrobiotic approach but with lots of info too.

Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Balch and Balch --- great general resource for health --foundational!

I have a library full of books so this just scratches the surface but it can get you started on finding other options that your oncologist will not likely promote (except maybe mine who had colon cancer so I shared my book list with him and he read them and is now juicing!!!!!)

So please know there are TONS of options that you have not even begun to exhaust yet....it just takes thinking outside the Battlestar I mean box.

peace, emily who is more scared of being zapped with chemo than she is with Darth Vader himself

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Diagnosed w/ Stage IIb cc, had resection OCT 03, started chemo (12 cycles) in NOV 03. I also had a reaction to Oxaliplatin, and after 5 treatments they switched me to CPT11, Leucovorin, 5FU, decodron, and kytril for nausea. I felt better, but had constipation and a continuosly runny nose, which was better than the Oxaliplantin side effects.

My CT scan came up negative and my blood work looked great (DEC 04)...........so far so good! I see my onc in April...and hoping for the best.

Hang in there and know that I am sending positive thoughts your way!


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Did they give you leucovorin at the same time as the oxiliplatin? It is not a chemo drug and is supposed to help with the negative effects of the oxil.

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I know this is directed to Jenn, but I had Leucovorin when I had oxaliplantin, and it didn't inhibit the side effects.


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Hi Jenn,

Perhaps the reaction to oxaliplatin now is because you have been on it for so long. There are many other options as the others have suggested. Let us know what your oncologist decides will be the next plan of attack. I will be thinking of you and sending well wishes your way.


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Hi there, Jenn,

I am so new to this that I may not be much help.(I am in session four of my 12 session regimen) But....My docs have been continually tweaking things. I so have Aloxi(sp) and Emend and Decadron for nausea; and the nurses give me the Leucovorin with the Oxaliplatin. I am taking Vit B6 for neuropathy, Hand-Foot Syndrome, and it works wonderfully. Any chance you can pop in to see your doc before the 14th; it might ease your mind to speak with someone sooner. Best of luck and ask them about all of your options - even lowering the dosage to see if it takes the edge off.
Keep in touch.
Cheers, Maura

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