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Colon Cancer in Presacral area

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I would like to know if anyone out there has had colon cancer that has spread to the presacral area. I was first diagnosed with colorectal cancer in January of 1998 it did break the wall and did spread to my lymphnodes. I had surgery, radiation then chemo. Again in June of 2000 after a colonoscopy they found another tumor in the colon this time I had surgery and a permanent colosotomy no radation or chemo this time. In March of 2002 in a blood test they found my CEA was going up. I had a CT scan that showed soft tissue in the presacral area. Then I had a PET scan that confirmed cancer in the same area. I also had a biopsy that was positive. I went back on chemo in August of 2002 and my CEA levels came down to zero. Since then I have been going for blood test every month and my CEA has been slowly increasing and I also get a CT scan with contrast every 6 months with no significant change from previous CT scan. My oncologest suggests maybe it is getting time to go back on chemo with new medication since my last bout with chemo. For the most part I feel fine except I get this feeling that I have to go to the bathroom but I can't not with a colostomy the feeling goes right through my whole body and I feel like tearing my self apart. Well this is my story I was wondering if I'm all alone with this or is there someone else who has had this type of experience. I will be getting the results of my last CT scan on Friday, March 4th. My oncologist will want to know if I'm ready for chemo again so I need to make a decision. My last blood test showed my CEA at 50.

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Louis -

Just so you now that you are not in it alone; a very good friend of mine has had his CC spread to include his sacral area as well. He is battling lung, liver, and the spinal mets all at once. He's keeping his faith and good attitude and last word I received he believes he is making some ground against the dragon.

I cannot comiserate with you, but know that you are not alone in your battle and I will keep you in my prayers.

Best regards

- SpongeBob

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I too don't have the personal experience of this but as a doctor who worked in surgery years ago I do remember this as not an uncommon place for a local recurrencce. The rectum sits fairly firmly agaoinist the sacrum and so local spread into the space arond it can occur. The local pressure effects on the rectum then give the sensation of needing to go to the toilet.
Youare not alone in this and I am sure you will find others who can empathise with your situation. Let us now how things progress and best of luck,

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