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For those of you so inclined, check out the Iditarod website-http://www.iditarod.com/ This "last Great Race" is something very Alaskan..
'scuse me Em,I guess they do mush in MN.. Nanuk

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Oh... thank heaven... after that last post ("SpongeBubba") I thought you were commenting on my brain!

So, Em... when will you be taking the dogs up to AK and entering the race? You'll have to carry a generator to power that Turbo-Veg 5000 so you can keep the team in juice!

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Yeah they sure do!! The John Beargrease just finished up this morning.....my vet Jennifer Deye coming in 2nd in the Marathon--400 miles!

SB you won't see me running with the big boys! But I bet if I juiced my pups and added the green powder they would kick some Alaskan Butt!!

(I put the green powder in my Westie's food and her nasty black skin disease went away).

Anyway, Jen's hubby got the Red Lantern Award at the Yukon Quest, bud. Did you follow that one at all? Blake is her guy. They run Sibes. I'm hankering for another pup.....

peace, emily who will stay on her little trails for now....

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