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Would like to hear from Stage IV survivors

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I've just come to this site and have been very interested to see that there appears to be quite a number of long term survivors. I would love to hear positive stories of survival. My partner was diagnosed in March 2004 with Stage IV NSCLC with mets to the spine. He's done well with chemo (cisplatin/gemzar). He goes in for MRI results on March 16. The last catscan showed a "thickening" of the left adrenal gland so oncologist wanted to look closer. I appreciate any information you may have to share.

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You may want to consider doing a search of personal web pages to see if there are others in the community who would like to share their stories. You can do this by clicking on Personal Web Pages on the left hand side of this page. Then enter key words such as stage IV lung cancer and survivor or search by the pull down choices. If you find a member that has a story that is similar to what you are looking for, you can then contact them through the CSN internal email system.

I hope this information has been helpful.

Take care and be well,

CSN Dana

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Hi, Janet. Thats my name too. My husband (59 yrs old) has Stage IV NSCLC with brain mets. He's in remission for over 3 years now! The diagnosos was made accidentally, it was deemed insignificant, a quick snip and no further treatment. When they got to surgery it was another story. Within a couple of months we found the brain mets. A combo of treatment: chemo and radiation concurrently, then whole brain adiation a couple of months later. Except for the side affects, he's fine. We were first told "no problem" about the cancer, then told to make the "arrangements". I take all medical information now with a neutral attitude, neither positive nor negative. So,my advice to you: act promptly, only God knows whats really going on, and above all, NEVER LOSE HOPE!!!


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Hello Janet;

I was inspired by your post. My husband is in a similar situation but just after less than three weeks of treatment he has made good improvements. He pretty well takes care of his self in his room; I guess to the nurses he is an inspiration and a favorite. He eats because he knows he needs to and he takes his treatments like a trooper. I could have never had one tenth the courage he does. I am positive and with God in our corner I feel I have the best medicine available-love.

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Hi Janet,
I was diagnosed with stage IV nsclc, inoperable /incurable. That was in May, '01. After aggressive chemo and radiation, followed by surgery to remove 40% of my right lung, I am still here almost four years later, to tell you that this can be beaten! Don't ever give up! My prayers and best wishes are with you and your partner. Keep us posted, please.

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My mom has been diagnosed with Stage 3B/Stage IV Lung cancer, its also in her neck. She was operated on in her left lung a year and a half ago and now its back in the opposite lung and neck. She starts aggressive chemo/radiation and I don't really know what to expect. I see a lot of hope here as there are survivors but I am really scared and trying to hold it together. Any insight on the treatments? More survivor stories would be great.

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My husband was diagnosed in Aug. 2004 with Stage IV NSCLC (only 48 and non-smoker). It was found because he had a backache for a few months that would not go away. Mets to the spine, of course. Also, tiny mets to brain. Received WB radiation and radiation to some spots in spine for pain, and has been on chemo only since then. Still doing well except for unexplained sudden nausea. I would like to hear some positive stories here as well--so much is negative. Good book to read "I Don't Have Time For This: My Battle with Cancer" by T. Canavan, Jr. It helped me to know that people can make it. Please, let's have more positive stories about treatments so that we can make sure we are trying all the right treatments. Good luck to your partner, as well. Keep a positive attitude!

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