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side effects

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I take zolphran(sp) dexamethan(some type of steroid) for 3days when I start chemo. that helps vomiting I will try imodium for gas this time around. Side effects are really hard this time I have my 3 this thursday, I will talk to doc about it. I do not want to do too many drugs though. I think this time he may start the avastin which is what I had on my time time of taking chemo in 6-10. So time will tell I try to enjoy the good days but it does get old. I am so tired of feeling like crap I will find out how many more sessions I have to take too. I do not want to do chemo this summer last summer I lost the whole summer with this after the 1st surgery too. I already told them that so they should be aware of it, if not I will remind them I would like to have some time off to just enjoy life without the interruptions of always being hooked up to a fanny pack with poison it every other week. Plus I think I need a break it will almost be a yrs. I have missed so many birthdays, weddings, graduation, just normal things because of this. Now I want to enjoy at least one summer. I was wondering about the juicing though when I can go back to that. I was able to do juicing the fist time on chemo but this time I can't because I get diahria more than usual with chemo. So it is a catch 22 for me. I try to eat the good and healthy things all the time, plus juice.
anyhow thanks for your encouragement. I notice though when i get tired my whole body starts to ache and feel tingly, karen

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Karen -

Hang tough... Listen to your body.

Be strong and know that you are in my prayers.


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Wish chemo could be easier, but when you think about what it's doing to your cells, it's a wonder you feel like crap. I don't miss any of it......especially that fanny pack! I am not a "bath" person, but when I was doing chemo I would take a bath almost every night......in very warm/hot water with lots of bubbles, and candles too! It felt so good.......really helped to relieve all the aches and tingling/numbness.

Hang in there Karen......I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.


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Hiya Karen. There is no escaping that tired, fatigued, worn out feeling. I was wondering if you have any problems taking the dex. meds? I was put on them and sufferred badly from heartburn, indigestion. Just a thought?
I like Lorraine's suggestion about the bath. I used to put Aloe Vera bath wash into mine....so soothing and helped those chemo aches n pains.
Our love n prayers Karen, kanga n Jen

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