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Hello I am new here( In this section of csn)

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This is a strange one to me as for the first time it is not a recurrance of the many cancers I've had since the latter part of the 80s. I won't go on to dribble about all the others except to say no matter how many times you hear it>It is a ugly word! Now to get to the point of how I know it is not a recurrance. In 83 I lost a almost full term baby girl. I lived in Sacramento Ca. & I kept going to my Dr because something was wrong & I knew it. I listen to my body & having had a son in 79 by c-section, I just knew something was wrong with this baby especially towards the end! Finally a ultra sound concluded te baby was dead. Since I had a rare blood type which cannot be replaced with universal blood ( I had to have herremoved by c-section as well because I am a small woman & they did not sew me up properly) so I bled internally untill my ex-husband had to carry me into the hospital because I could not walk. Anyway a diffferent surgeon cut me open again & restitched all the places the previous one did not. Then it came blood transfusion time & I almost died. At that time it was pretty scary becuse the A.I.D.S. was just coming out. I did not get the virus but I got something else. I did not find out untill 95 I got hep c & heb b. The b I had developed a anti-body to but the c I did not. I went through 3 mos of interferon & gave it up because it nade so sick. I was also put on a list & offered a transplant in 97. I found out there were 2 others younger then I was so I declined because you can take a healthy liver & cut it in half so that 2 can benefit by having life. The second time I was offered one the same thing happened in 2000. I turned it down again because 1 was only 11yrs old & the other was 17. I asked myself the age old question both times,'What would Jesus do? The answer was obvious to me. Now my anti-body to b is gone & the c has remained active for 22 yrs. My immune system has been complety compromised & I have a tumer in my liver that is only caused by hep c or the convergance of the both. Can anyhere relate to this? I have spent more time in the wrong place & someone even called me a liar which sort of stung but only because I allowed them to have that power over me. I am now in a clinical trial with the NCI & NIH. I am no longer a candidate for conventional meds. I believe in God & will be 47 next month & my nam is Cathy.
God Bless All Of You
Sincerely Cathy

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