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oligodendroglioma II

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I had my tumor removed on the 8th Jan and have undergone my 1st chemo last saturday (feb 18th). am feeling a little better now compared to the days immediately after the chemo. am wondering how others out there are coping with their chemo sessions. also, i plan to go back to work next week as i have run out of medical leave. is there anyone out there who can let me know what to expect? I do have some problems understanding people as the tumor affected these parts of the brain. other than that i feel fine for now.

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I'm new at this. I also have what you have, but have only had a biopsy done, then treatment with Temodar for 6 months. The tumor is in my right front temporal lobe. I take phenytoin to control my seizures. I am going back for a follow-up MRI March 15th. I wante to ask what went into your decision making process to go for a resection verses radation or other therapy. Any information you have would certainly educate me.

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I had much the same...Oligo removed and 9 months of Chemo. I've been back to work for about a year now and it's ok. The issues have been the confusion when listening, the hesitation when speaking and the short term memory loss. With regard to the confusion, I've realized that I just need to focus on one item at a time....no multi-tasking. In other words, no talking on the phone and trying to read an e-mail...I wind up doing both poorly. I find that expressing ideas can be a real challenge and I have to try and prepare as much as possible for conversations, etc. The memory is almost comical. I used to be famous for my memory, which is what makes it more difficult. I now find I have to write down just about everything. I also take advantage of technology and record as much as I can on my Blackberry so I get buzzed to remind myself of things to do. It's all managable...you just have to realize that while you're just as bright as you used to be, you need to enable some new tricks and tools to perform at the level you are accustomed to. Oh...also, it's easy to get frustrated and lose my temper over stupid little things. It helps to go out and exercise at lunch or whenever the stress starts to build up. It really clears the mind and helps to put things into perspective. I'll be interested to hear how things are turning out for you. God Bless!

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