Recurrence of Nhl

speedygo Member Posts: 7
I was recently diagnosed again with NHL, in January 2005. The first time I was diagnosed in 1/2003, did CHOP and then had a Stem Cell Transplant in 6/03. Had a routine CAT scan in 1/05 and found it came back. I am having chemo again, this time alot easier than CHOP, since it is in my doctors office for 3 days every 4 weeks.I had my first chemo last Monday 2/14 and did fine I am taking Flourebine, Cytoxan and Rytuxin.the first day, and only Flourebine and Cytoxan the next 2 days. It is a bummer have cancer again. But I have a good outlook. My question is anyone have a stem cell transplant and cancer recur in 19 months?