Endometrial Cancer, Hystorectomy, now Lyph Nodes Swelled?

I was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer stage 2 with a grade 3 tumor in Aug 2003 (at age 36). I had complete hystorectomy and many lymph nodes removed. So far everything has been good exept for a numb leg I've had since surgery.

Now (since last half of 2004) my lymph nodes have swelled and fluid has been gathering in my pelvic region and have had pain. I had a biopsy done and it didn't show the return of cancer but now I have to have a CT scan and check ups with my oncologist every 4 months now.

Has anyone had simular experiences?


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  • Amy123
    Amy123 Member Posts: 1
    My mother had endometrial cancer. Have you had chemo or radiation therapy? I Know my mother's chances of survival would have been much much better had she even been offered these options - radiation in particular. Push your doctors and go with your instincts. My mother had stage IV and was in great pain. The doctors told her she had irritable bowel and sent her home (this, even when they knew her history of cancer with hysterectomy). My mother died August 2004. Be firm with your doctors. I hope this helps some.
  • millieb
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    I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer recently (age 30). My stage is IIIC (grade 2 tumor but also in a couple inguinal lymph nodes). I had surgery, radiation, and I am now undergoing chemotherapy. I guess my biggest fear is what to do once the treatment is all done and you just wait... at least now I feel like I am doing something, but I don't want to live in fear of it coming back. How did you manage the last couple of years?