New Bedwetting after nearly 2 years

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On March 6,2005 it will be 2 years since I had RP. On 5 Occasions over the past 4 months (none before)I've awakened in the middle of the night soaking wet from having completely relieved myself while asleep. In each instance I happened to be sleeping on my back (I normally sleep on my side). Has anyone else experienced this "late onset" incontinence? Any ideas regarding what's behind it?


  • Benji48
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    Just a few comments. I'm 6 yrs out from Rp now and if I'm sitting on the sofa partially prone & fall asleep watching TV I've had occasions of "leaks", but when I sleep in the bed (always on my side) I NEVER have any problems! I try to restrict my liquid intake beyond 6pm but it doesn't seem to matter much!
    Interestingly I've had a couple of dreams where I "remember" going to the bathroom in them but wake up "high & dry" so to speak. A welcome relief I might say, heh,heh.
    I'd recommend that you sleep on your side always from my experience.
    Good Luck, Benji