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Surviving the Trial

RunnerZ Member Posts: 185
edited March 2014 in Colorectal Cancer #1
Just though some of you could use a little diversion. This week I enter the 5th week of the double murder trial in County Court. A reminder for lurkers, I am a 6 year survivor of stage 3 rectal cancer...did the whole chemoradiation, surgery, chemotherapy regimen.
Well, I am holding up alright. The case has gone in well so far, but with juries you can never count on anything and always have to expect the worst, but hope for the best...kind of like us cancer patients! My energy and health have been good despite 75 hour weeks. I did lose some weight during the trial, got down to 161 lbs...but my wife fattened me up this long weekend and I am at 172 again now.
given the fight that I endured just to be here, one would think that this pressure would be minimal. However, there is no escaping the courtroom pressure for a prosecutor in a double murder case. I do, however, remind myself each day that I have survived worse, and can get through each day, just like I did each one of my days of treatment, illness, and surgery. Hope that anyone here in the midst of treatment gets to return to their life...and may it be a little easier that murder trials!!! All my best to all of you fighting the good fight. We win each day by living our lives.


  • spongebob
    spongebob Member Posts: 2,565
    Great reminder, Runner!

    Go get 'em!

    (By the way... 5 weeks? Nothing personal, but Perry Mason and Matlock always seemed to get the job done in 30 minutes...)
  • johnom
    johnom Member Posts: 86
    I can relate. I am handling 2 capital cases and one man charged with serial murder that keeps having his case shown on "48 Hours" on A & E which brings on a round of motions to change venue or dismiss because of the publicity. I'm also hearing a few clergy abuse cases, one of which is on an expedited appeal.
    I think what you are also saying is there can be comfort in returning to whatever we were doing before this disease entered our lives. No one returns the same, of course. No one can.
    I saw "Million Dollar Baby" and had to admit as I left I would probably have opted for the same ending. A year ago I wouldn't have been anywhere near as convinced or emotional about it.
    I wish I could lose some weight like you did. I gained during chemo and it isn't doing much to leave. Counting one's blessings these days requires a calculator an abacus and all my digits.