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Urologist or Oncologist

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My dad has bladder cancer and we are trying to get him to go for a second opinion for treatment from a Oncologist. I guess my question is wheither a Uroloigist or an Oncologist is the expert when it comes to bladder cancer?

Thanks so much in advance, Tim

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I would seek out a center known for its success in treating bladder cancer. In this case, I would seek out a Dr. Skinner Head of Urology at the USC Norris cancer center. I had surgery 8 months ago and would not hesitate to do so again. They took the time to go over everything and to answer all my questions. I am now cancer free. I had three tumors removed over a three month period before I finally got a second opinion from Dr. Skinner. The cancer was considered high grade and active. This doctor is known by most uroogists around the world. He is considered to be one of the leading experts in the field. If you look at some of the other's who have posted questions, you will find my response along with phone numbers to contact USC.

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The advice that Military gave you was right on. After realizing that my urologist in Chattanooga wasn't exactly what you would call cutting edge, I was able to find a great Urologist/Oncologist at Emory Hospital in Atlanta who specializes in anything that I would need that relates to my TCC, stage 1 carcinoma in situ. I don't know where you live but don't settle for the best care that a local doctor is able to give. Treatment will depend on many things but know your options. I've had some 2 transurethral resections by my original urologist, a electric cauterization and Mytomicin instillation and 5 of 6 weekly BCG/Interferon treatments by the doctor at Emory. I wish I could say that I was cancer free but I won't know that for 7 more weeks. If you don't know the closest major cancer treatment center near you, go online and google it. I've got a personal web page on this site. It's called "In treatment and movin' on with life..." by paulf. I encourage you look at it and all the web pages by people who've already had some experiences. I found them very helpful. Let me know if there's anything else that I can do to help you along in your search. Good luck to your dad and all of you. My search for information started right here with a question that I posted.


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Thank you for confirming what I had suggested. In my case I went to a urologist for removal of the tumors as an out patient. When my wife and I went to sit down with him and learn what options I had, he was very defensive. My wife asked him if he was an oncologist. To this question, he stated that he had more patients than he could handle and more money than he could spend. His closing remarks were equaly disturbing. He stated that he was one of the best in the west and if I wanted him to do the surgery, I would have to beg him for his services. I opted to go to USC Norris and met with the world renowned surgen who heads up urology. The urologist who was very outspoken had done his internship under Dr. Skinner at USC. The USC head of urology immediately stated he would do the surgery and took rougly 2 hours to go over the entire procedure and that which I should consider before making a decision. Seeking out a recognized expert and a second opinion was the right move. His facility will help anyone by letting them know of surgons trained at USC and located throughout the country.

I receive numerous calls from around the country asking for feedback. I am alarmed as to how little information is passed on. In fact, some of the individuals were advised to follow a certain procedure that is roughly 25 years old. There have been many new advances in bladder cancer treatment.

Just a side note. The USC staff has an ongoing study which is federally funded that has isolated a specific gene that seems to have a propensity to mutate. This would account for people who have never smoked having bladder cancer.

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