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Anal Cancer - Hip Pain/Back Pain and Early Menopause

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I am a 42-year-old female who was diagnosed in October 2004 with Stage 2, squamous cell cancer of the anal canal - and so my journey began - had chemo (through an access port in my chest [yes that surgery hurt, which no one told me about until after]), 2 chemo treatments (4 weeks apart) lasting 96 hours on a continuous pump (5FU & Mytomycin)- with simultaneous radiation treatment (consisting of 33 looooong treatments) - finished radiation treatment 12/04 (yeah!), the burns were severe as well as all the other side effects i went through - irritated bladder, diarrhea and stomach pains), still fatigued, going through early menopause (severe night sweats and hot flashes) and now 2 months since radiation has ended - I am experiencing pain in my hip joints and bad back pains. I am going in for surgery next month (March 04) to remove a mass that is still there (which the doctors are hoping is scar tissue) to be biopsied. Does anyone have any feedback on any of this please. Would like to hear of other experiences similar to mine. Thanks.

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Hi mickeyfla, I was also diagonosed stage 2 squamous cell in June 04 and took the same journey of pain and agony. My experiences were very much like yours, and I am still suffering with the side effects, fatigue, menopause, diarrhea, and hip pain. My last radiation was 08/04 and no one can tell me that this is going to improve. I send you prayers on your biopsy. E Mail me anytime, would love to share any info that may help...Scissorsmith@bellsouth.net 45 and female

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I am a 62 year female diagnosed with squamous cell cancer (stage 1) in Sept 04 - had surgery and was advised to follow up with radiation/chemo to ensure all cancer was removed. Due to having no insurance, I opted out of the chemo part (oncologists told me the chemo would be used to help any remaining cancer cells to more suseptible to the radiation(????) I had already gone thru menopause however I am now going thru the hotflashes, again! Actually, the hotflashes caused by the radiation therapy are worse and more frequent than when I originally went thru menopause! The burns are 2nd - 3rd degree and am told a 4-6 week period to heal (ugh!) I also am dealing with diarrhea and the associated anal pain - more discussion if you like - my e-mail address: sabrina33540@hotmail.com

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I was 45 when I was told i had squamous cell cancer (stage 1) in July of 04-had surgery. My treatment was 2 rounds of chemo on a pump for up to 120 hours. I also had radiations for 12 weeks, which caused 2-3rd burns which I found to be very painful.I had to interupt radiation therpy 3 times in order to control diarrhea and to heal skin burns. I experenced back, hip pain which I still suffer from,also had a irritated bladder.I had diarrhea so badly I was a prisonor in my own home. I was given Questran power 4GM 2x's a day and Lamotral.Which did help some. It is now almost a year later and diarrhea is tapering off (thank god). I am experencing early menopause with nightsweats, hotflashes. The funniest thing is ALL the doctors keep tring to give me anti depressants, anti anxity, and homone pills. Now that all the treaments are over. Gee after reading what you all have said, and sharing my experence I wounder when the fun begins? Please email me if you wish to talk more about All the fun we had/are having. nameless_elegance@yahoo.com

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I was recently diaganosed with anal cancer so Im just getting started. Looks like you've had a rough time. My doctor wants me to start on the chemo and radation no operation first. Is that unusual? Im 53 and going through menapause too. As you said are we having fun yet!! I do get scared and I know I have to pray and think possitive but sometimes its hard so thats why I writing to you. Well its late and I hope to hear from you. Valequish@aol.com

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I have not been on the site in a while - went back to work finally and had a rough time going back, fatigue and stomach pains and diarrhea a real problem for a while, just never had a chance to check this site. I will help you stay positive if you need - try emailing me at fmhappy@stis.net.

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There is a huge anal cancer group on the Yahoo anal cancer site. It is easy to navigate and each day there are numerous posts.

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Hi there:
I hope that this posting finds you in good health & spirits.
I am a 36yr old male who understands what you are going through (minus the menopause). I have gone through two rounds of Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatments. My doctors have done biopsies and have found that my cells are abnormal but this could be due to there radiation therapy or they may be pre-cancerous.

My doctor at first suggested a colonoscopy, but I was against that. I wanted to check all my choices before I agreed to that. My Radiation Oncologist looked at my results and decided to try Interferon. It seems that this type of cancer is caused by a virus called HPV and that the Interferon helps combat its effects.

Since I was on the Interferon, no new tumors have occurred and I haven't had to have any more surgery. The interferon does take some getting use to. At first it gives you flu like symptoms and makes you feel tired but with time your body adjusts to it.

I wish you well.

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Hi, I was diagnosed with anal cancer in 1999. I had 2 rounds of chemo(5fu and Mytomycin),radiation for 2mths.The burns were severe also. most of the burns were to my vaginal area. I had all of the same symtoms,diarrhea,hot flashes,painful intercourse,hip pain. Took 1 YR for the diarrhea to taper off,but i still 6 Yrs later get diarrhea easily.I just had hip replacement!!! The best thing i ever did!!! I'm 44 and the doc did not want to do hip replacement,he said i was too young. i had been suffering with hip pain for 5 years. A SIMPLE X-RAY WILL SHOW IF YOUR HIP BONES ARE DAMAGED FROM THE RADIATION. I have so much more to say but i need to get my kids ready for school. If you are interested in what i have learned in the past 6 years email me at eyounger2140@charter.net good nite, lilwop

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