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My husband had his voice box removed last december
he was doing well until he developed these fistulas they have had to put the feeding tube back in and he has to use a suction machine to suction the stuff out of the fistula. Dr's say that if he does not heal they may have to do skin grafts. anyone has any info?

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i am sorry, don't know what fistula means, i had my voice box removed sept 22 of 2004, have done well but lately i have had problems with getting choke when i eat, don't know if i am trying to eat to fast, i know i have a hard time with bread and pizza.

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Still not sure what fistula means but if it is not healing good around the stoma, i was having that problem and they sent me to a wound doctor and he got me some cream that has done wonders in just a matter of weeks, it promotes growth of blood vessels that were ruined by the radiation.The cream is called Xenaderm.Hope this helps

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My 79 year old father just had his voicebox removed in March 2005, and he already has tears in the fistula, so our family extends our sympathy. I don't have any answers, but from what I've read, it's fairly common (the doctor said there was a 50-50 chance). I wish your husband the best, and pray that he'll be talking and eating soon!

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