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Here we go again..

Rondog Member Posts: 26
edited March 2014 in Colorectal Cancer #1
Thanks to everyone who posted in reply to my stuff about adhesions...

Had an upper GI done on Weds., everything is working normal, so the good news is no surgery...

I already knew the cancer on my liver didnt respond to the last treatment and thought for sure this agonizing pain I have been in had something to do with my liver, expecially as my liver counts have been off the charts, sure enough, my Oncologist thinks because my liver has enlarged (again) that is causing the pain...So much for eating, start TPN tomorrow, back to the office on Monday to start the Folox treatment again...Hey, eight doses of it got 95% of it and I havent had it since Oct, so let hope for the best...

Thanks everyone,



  • oneagleswings
    oneagleswings Member Posts: 425
    Absolutely hoping for the best for you..."hope makes the path for the miracle to follow"
  • goldfinch
    goldfinch Member Posts: 735
    Holding you in my thoughts
  • rejoyous
    rejoyous Member Posts: 259
    May your spirit stay strong. We're right with you.
  • spongebob
    spongebob Member Posts: 2,565
    Hang tough, Ron - go get those 5% bastards that you didn't break the first time!

    As far as adhesions go, I know it costs a little bit more money, but maybe if you paid the extra cash for your surgery and the surgeon used sutures instead of duct tape to close you up you wouldn have problems with adhesions?

    OK, bad joke... sorry... but it is 4AM. You want late night humor, go see Jay Leno or Conan OBrien.

    Cheers, Ron!

    - Sponge
  • aspaysia
    aspaysia Member Posts: 250
    I needed surgery for adhesions that would not straighten out by their twisted little selves. After the NG tube was removed post surg they started TPN and fed me at the same time. The caloric intake was counted until the docs were satisfied that I would not starve to death at home. The old plumbing had to work also - you know flush and all.
    My appetite slowly returned and today I have exceeded my goal weight (by 20 lbs) much to the chagrin of my onc. He is a wiry little guy and thinks that I am fat. Maybe I am just not his type; some folks like big gals and he can kiss my mutilated butt.
    Aspaysia, who has a permanent chocolate mustache.