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Rare colon cancer

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Hello! I am a 53-year old female recently diagnosed with a high grade adenocarcinoma, poorly differentiated, with signet ring cells and mucinous features which has metastatic involvement in the lymph nodes. I'm also diabetic and have NASH, a liver disease. My cancer is in Stage 3B, but another CT scan is scheduled for next week to see if the cancer is appearing in another organ in the past month since my surgery. This cancer is very aggressive and fast-moving and I have read that most patients are dead within 1-2 years of diagnosis. I'm looking for survivors or success stories out there. Does the FOLFOX chemo actually help? (I'm just starting my treatments)

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Sorry to hear about you diagnosis. I am a 51 yr old female diagnosed with stage IV metastatic small bowel cancer (signet cell, poor differentiated, lymph node involvement, mets to ovary & peritonium) last May. I have completed 6 months of Fol Fox treatment plus Avastin. Mt last PET scan 1/27/06 showed no evidence of metastatic disease - so it appears the Fol Flox worked. I am currently doing another 6 months of chemo without the oxilaplatin (tough side effects) as a precaution to reoccurance. I haven't made it to the 1 year mark yet but do feel like a success story.

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