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ramona41 Member Posts: 72
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well am getting close to being done with my chemo treatments last one on march 15 so I was getting all happy..My tumor was found in my rectum..and it was stage b2..hadnt spread anywhere have done a month of radiation and am almost done with 6 mos chemo..so now..for the past two blood test my liver count whatever has been off..I have to go have an ultrasound this friday? the doc says it could just be iritation from the chemo.. or?? or what?? anyone else had this happen..am nervous and scared..I am like mann can I just get thru one thing??? thanks for your support >I say a prayer everynite for the people on this site..havent been here much but you are all inmy thoughts..peace.. Ramona


  • kerry
    kerry Member Posts: 1,313
    HI Ramona,

    I was diagnosed Stage 3 and went through 6 months of chemo - my liver enzymes spiked pretty high one time and the doc recommended a CT scan - cause was chemo. I have since had a recurrance and am on chemo once again and my liver enzymes once again have gone way up. I think the chemo just effects some of us folks that way. When chemo was finished the first time, my enzymes came back down.

  • jsabol
    jsabol Member Posts: 1,145
    Hi Ramona,
    Good to see you back here and to know that the end of chemo is in sight! As I understand it, chemo is metabolized by the liver and kidneys and can effect the levels in both. My kidney values were off during chemo, but came back down afterwards. Good luck to you with this test. Judy
  • taraHK
    taraHK Member Posts: 1,952
    Hi Ramona,
    I'm afraid I don't know much about the liver counts. But I suspect these could be affected by the chemo (as others have indicated). I also had rectal cancer. When my chemo was all finished, I had ultrasound of my liver (which was all clear - hoorah). So it sounds like the ultrasound you have scheduled is the best way to go. I know waiting for the test, then waiting for the test results, is very hard. Hang in there - and please keep us posted. Thinking of you and sending best wishes.
  • steved
    steved Member Posts: 834
    An anxious time for you and those around you. i hope it turns out well. The most likely result is that it has a benign cause- prob chemo- and shoud return to normal given time. Undoubtably your anxiety is probably around a possible recurrence in the liver and that is a natural fear to have whne these things happen. We are all very vigilant for recurrences and carry the permanent fear that each symptom or sign we have indicates a return of the **** cancer. But it is important ot kep things in perspective and face up to these anxieties otherwise they are at rtisk of running our lives for us. You are doing the right thing having the scan and getting this sorted actively- -vital to take control in thees situations. I hope it all comes back as good news and do let us know how it goes.