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How to cheat on the colonoscopy prep...

johnom Member Posts: 86
edited March 2014 in Colorectal Cancer #1
I came up for my first annual colonoscopy. Had a CT scan two weeks ago which showed a small something on my lung which wasn't there in May, 04. I believe they have stuff show up all the time on lungs, so I'm not too worried yet. Anyway, I had to also schedule the colonoscopy and I have been having pain in my right abdomen over the liver area so we were looking at that as well.
A few days before the prep last Sunday I was seized with a bout of severe diarrhea. As those of you with a colon resection know, we live a life of semi-diarrhea anyway. This was the real thing. By Sunday afternoon I was passing nothing but bile and water. I called and the gastroenterologist who called me back agreed I didn't need the full prep, and told me to take 14 instead of 28 pills. I did. Almost nothing happened all night. I watched reruns of Deadwood and waited. Nothing. Went to sleep at ll:-- woke up at 4:00 a.m. Nothing much going one. Got up at 6:00, went to the procedure, and my prep was described as "excellent." I felt like someone had erroneously deposited a million dollars in my bank account and now told me I could keep it for being honest.
Of course, I don't remember a thing about what the doctor talked about after the procedure. My brother was there to tell me this morning what was said because I can't even remember coming home . Still, if you can just arrange some diarrhea a few days beforehand........you could be good to go (pun intended.)
Everyone remains in my nightly prayers. My tests so far are all negative, the opposite of my attitude. God bless all us semi-colons.



  • rejoyous
    rejoyous Member Posts: 259
    Funny story. And you sure found the right audience. Congratulations on your results!!!