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Good morning all!

Wishing you all a FABULOUS Valentine's Day! I hope it is a day bursting with love, laughter and friendship (and too much food, wine, cheesy love movies and chocolate of course!). I already received Superwoman and Spongebob PJ's. Now, how cool is that?! May all your Valentine wishes come true:)

All my love,
Andrea, who is having chocolate for breakfast:)

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hi andreae,
happy valentine's to you too. did you get the sponge bob speedo too!! lol
you are a great inspiritation to all of us.
all the best

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Happy Valentines Day to you too! Thanks for the greeting. I am eating chocolate, but not for breakfast, LOL. Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!

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I wish everyone a very, very happy Valentine's Day too. We semi-colons really know how to appreciate life, even if (like me) we're too woozy from chemicals to get into the champagne and chocolates. My cousin sent me a dozen roses and I started crying from joy, and then I got one of those weird headaches behind my eyes--anyone else get that from FOLFOX?--I get it every time I tear up these days--Anyway, I was crying from joy, laughing because of the wild things chemo does to you, and so so happy to be able to laugh and cry and still be alive. As are we all.

I want to give a big Valentine's Day thank you to everyone who helps make this site such an important source of support and encouragement. Happy V for Valentines and Victory to you all!

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