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coming up on a year since last chemo treatmen

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March I will be celebrating a year since my last treatment due to stage 3 colon cancer. I had surgery for that also with a full hysterectomy.
Since that time I have been diagnosed with a slow thyroid, vitamin deficiencies and have put on over 25 lbs. But I am so happy to be alive. I will tell you that had I not pushed my drs to do more blood tests and gone to specialist on some of these symptoms that my other doctors contributed to the cancer and chemo I would not be feeling as good as I do
To all of you that are just starting or in the midst of the treatments you will get through this one treatment at a time. God Bless

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Congratulations on your one year. Stories like yours give others like me hope. Im trying to take it one treatment at a time, but they stopped the last round because I got so sick. Wish I was finished already, but like you said, "One day a time" Thanks for the encouraging words,
Love, Judy(grandma047)

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I also missed a few rounds because of counts being to high or low. Hang in there-its okay-just get yourself stronger so you can have the next one.

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A full year! Wow, that is so great. With every fiber of my body I'm looking forward to writing those words about myself. Congratulations!!!

Hey, that's great that you pushed on to get serious treatment of your other symptoms as well. I wish you all the best in continuing to feel good and take charge!

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