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Finished last (?!) chemo treatment

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Hi everyone,

Last night I finished my last round of 12 Folfox treatments, three days each, beginning in September '04, I'm so glad that no matter what, now I get a break! Of course I'm nervous about the next business of "surveillance"--I haven't had a CT scan or any other testing since last summer, so who knows what I'm cooking up in there...I will get the results on March 7, so keep your fingers crossed.

But meanwhile, celebrate with me. I'm looking forward to getting that yucky cardboardy feeling out of my tongue for a few weeks!

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Dearest rejoyous,

That is truly, truly awesome news!!! Yea! Youppi! Make sure to go out and celebrate... You know what tomorrow is, yes, that's right, Valentine's Day. Can I suggest a yummy dinner, some wine, good company and chocolate! Enjoy and congratulations on toughing it out. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed and I hope for the greatest news. NED! NED! NED!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lots of hugs,

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Rejoyous -

May I give ou the same advice I just gave griff - I recommend margaritas!

I know I'll lift one to you tonight (any excuse for a party here at Maison de L'eponge with the Hooters Girls)

Great News!

- SpongeBob & the Hooters Girls
(I guess until this whole alternative lifestyle thing dies down, I should sign my posts that way, eh?)

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YEAH, GOOD FOR YOU! I also just finished FOLFOX treatments followed by a liver resection. Before the surgery, my CEA went from 40 to 1.2 and the CT and PET scan all showed no signs. My prayer and wish for you is that you receive the same great news. CONGRATULATIONS on being done. It's the greatest moment in life. I am celebrating by end to chemo by purchasing my first motorcycle...and don't worry Sponge Bob, a maragrita as soon as my liver finishes it's regeneration process. Normally, a beer guy, but for SB, maragritas it is!

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Rejoyous, I am so happy for you. I'm trying to do the FOLFOX, but just don't know. First round, got really sick. Second round, got sick and only got to do one day out of the three. Have to see chemo doctor on Feb 23rd, before doing the chemo Feb 24th. I can't wait for the day that I will be done with it too. If I were you, I would celebrate, celebrate, celebrate. Enjoy your life.
Love, Judy(grandma047)

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Fab news- I finshed my soix months post op chemo three weeks agao and am begininning to feel like my old self again. It really is something to celebrate! Beware the maging anxieties of entering a stage of not doign anything active to prevent it coming back except being vigilant. it is a wierd feeling to leave the active treatmetn behind and be more passive about it- just waiting and seeing is hard!
But well done for all the hard work- I am sure it will be worth it!

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Hi there, this is Amy! So happy to hear you are thru w/ the treatments!Good going! But don't feel nervous, you'll be fine just go out there tell the world you are done and enjoy being off the regign of schedules & appts. Happy days & spring is ahead, Go out buy something and Live!
scans yes they will be there but for now enjoy the freedom of no chemo! I too am on the FolFox, 2nd time around for chemo and can't wait till spring to enjoy a softball game or whatever w/ out being hooked up. You go and keep the happy days ahead! God Bless and Thank goodness you have had Good drs. No worries......

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Congratulations! I am about six months ahead of you in the "surveillance" car! I can tell you that I feel great. You will too. That is not to say that I don't get anxious prior to scan time!

Stay well,


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