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Liver Mets...

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I was just reading some posts and am curious, is there anyone out there who had mets to the liver, except not just a large tumor, but mulitple lesions, that was able to get rid of them?

I've been told that when Colon spread to the liver, it is usally a bunch of lesions, not tumors, but I read that people have tumors and not lesions and they can then get a liver resection, or other methods, but mine is a bunch of lesions and am wondering if we'll ever get rid of them...



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Hey Ron,

Mine was stage 4, since it did spread to my liver. In fact, I know this will sound really weird, but I could actually feel the tumor about the size of a thumb over the outside between the bottom of my ribs. I was able to have a liver resection, and lost 40% of the liver (heck, still had 60%, right?!?!). Today, cancerfree. So, unfortunately, I cannot answer your question...just trying to give you my scenario and let you know that there are happy endings. It's been nearly 3 and one half years since my diagnosis, and I feel great. No signs of any cancer at all.

Keep fighting the good fight!


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hi stacey, i to have the same illness you went through. it would be so invaluable if you could tell me what treatment you had to be so healthy now. i'm 33 and on chemotherapy to get rid of my tumors that are 15cm and others that are 2cm. any advice or websites you've seen would be so helpful on this rare illness.god bless much thanks stewart

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My husband had liver mets, including a humongous tumer (the size of a football). He got the liver resection, but unfortunately when they went in, there was more involvement (satellite tumors, and disease in other places in the liver.) They did the surgery anyway, and he's been on chemo for 2-1/2 years straight now. There is an experimental technique now where they actually take out your liver, dip it in chemo, and put it back in! good luck.

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I hope you can help me, having read about your husband i'm pleased that something positive has been done with his illness. I have the same illness with a large tumor 15cm that is being shrunk at the moment by chemo but feel i need the operation like your husband has had.how has he come through and would you advise me to look into this. i to have other tumors elsewhere on my liver but smaller 2cm. any websites or good specialists in this would be invaluable.god bless stewart.

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from what I understand if there is any part of your liver thats it good condition, they can remove the affected parts and it would regenerate.
liver cancer in NJ

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I just had a liver resection 3 weeks ago and doing well. My surgeon and oncologist said the only way they could do surgery is if ther was a single, solitary, solid tumor. I was lucky. If there are multiple tumors you can do something called high-frequency radio oblation. It's when they implant a radio transmitter in the middle of each tumor and with an ultra high frequency radio signal. The only side effect is that you will hear country music all day everyday (HA!) It destroys the tumor. It is still a new procedure and not proven to cure anything yet, but may be worth trying.

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Hello! I had a rare form of liver cancer called angiosarcoma of the liver. I had primary liver cancer. I had 5 good size lesions on my liver. My largest was 9cm. I had an RFA ( radio frequency ablation ) done at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. My lesions are gone!! Checkwith you oconlogist and see if maybe this is right for you. I live in Ky. but sent my paperwork to Ohio to a Dr. Allen Siperstein to review, he did my RFA and I am doing wonderful. I will keep you in my prayers. Barbara (I GIVE ALL THE GLORY TO GOD!!!)

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Having just read your e-mail i am so pleased to hear that your treatment worked with such results.i was diagnosed with the same condition and am on my 4th round of chemo every 3 weeks. They do CT scans and see that the chemo i'm on (Doxorubicin Hydrochloride)is shrinking the tumours very gradually. I also had a big tumour 13cm and other smaller ones.i'm worried that chemo might stop working.Is it possible to find out more about the treatment you we're on which sounds amazing,it would be so grateful.hear from you soon.take care. Stewart

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Your question is well answered by those with personal experience to share above. Just to give a more medical opinion as I don't have liver lesions myself. The term lesion is a bit unclear- often docs will use it to describe tumours but can be other things. However generally if you are talking lesions on the liver in context of bowel cancer it is the tumour that has spread. it may be to oone site or many. It is easier to resect if peripheral on the liver and a single lesion rather than many or buried deep in the liver. different specialists do have different skills however and some are willing to try quite radical surgery and try and remove a lot of lesions at once.
this is probably something best discussed over wit your own surgeoon just to clarify as I am concerned that you are still unclear as to whether you have tumours or lesions on your liver. Hope this is useful but as I said best to check with you docs,

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