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being diagnosed

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Hi, ladies I pray everyone is doing well. I just had a few questions. I just turned 30 and I have gone through a lot of medical issues in the last five years. First at 25 I had a Pulmonary Embolis (out of no where), then I bled for two years straight. No one knew why and with my PE I could not treat it with pills. Finally someone gave me a MRI and diagnosed me with adenomyosis and suggested an endometrial ablation. I had one in Sept. of 2002 and no bleeding since. But now I am going through tremendous pain. Over the last five years I have also gained a lot of weight( for no apparent reason). I also have bloating (when in pain I look 8 months pregnant), lower back pain, nausea and vomitting. One doctor sent me for a ultrasound and said he thought that it might be ovarian cancer. Well I had it and it showed a prominant vessel seen through out the myometrium of the uterus. Fluid in my endometrial cavity with irregularity and nodularity of the endometrium. They found a cyst that measured 4.3 cm and they think it is a hemmorrhagic cyst. They suggested that I have a biopsy and another ultrasound. One of my doctors wanted me to wait for my next period to get my US and biopsy( a period that is not coming ). My primary care doc. wanted me to get another opinion. She felt that the US was saying I had endo cancer. I went for a second opinion and the doctor felt I should not wait and did a biopsy in his office. I get my results Mon. 2/14. I guess what I am trying to say is, does this sound familiar to your situations? What tests did you have? Did you get the run around like me? Any info would be appreciated. God bless you all!

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Hi, We've "talked" on the ovarian cancer board. I visit both because I was initially dx with uterine cancer, and ovarian cancer was found when I had a total hysterectomy.

Your uterine biopsy should show if you have cancer there. There is no easy test for ovarian, and if you're under 60, the doctors typically don't look for it unless there's a history of it in your family.

I was under 50 and had very odd symptoms, but the most pronounced was the deep vein thrombosis and resulting pulmonary embolism that I had in August 2002. Deep vein thrombosis can be a symptom of lower body cancer. It's something doctors should know, but until the cancer is diagnosed it's easy to attribute it to excessive weight, lack of exercise, and other factors. I had a swollen leg along with other symptoms for at least 3 months before the PE, and didn't want to point it out to my doctors. I was, frankly, embarassed by it, and it could have killed me very easily when the clots started cutting loose.

Are you being treated for the PE? Do you have deep vein thrombosis? Also, do all of your doctors know you had a PE?

My suggestion to you is to talk to your doctors about the PE, and ask them if they're aware that it may be connected to lower body cancer. They probably won't appreciate being asked (because some of them are so terribly wise), but if they are, ask them if they've considered it in your case, and if not, why not.

I had excessive bleeding, bloating, and was horribly tired from the loss of blood before I had the PE. I had a vaginal ultrasound that showed nothing but some fibroid tumors, a cat scan that didn't show anything, and had a special scan of my neck because of odd swallowing problems (that stopped since my surgery). I had a couple of very serious dizzy spells that may have been related to hormonal changes that summer, also.

When I went into the hospital via the E.R., my ob/gyn came in and did a uterine mini-biopsy that showed uterine cancer. She didn't know I had DVT because I, as I've said, didn't want to talk to my doctors about my fat leg.

During a seminar I went to recently, the doctor giving it said that a color doppler ultrasound is the best for looking for ovarian cancer, because it shows the areas that are very active. If you haven't had an ultrasound like that, you might see about getting one.

Whatever the outcome, I wish you the best. It sounds as though you've been pretty miserable. Getting a good diagnosis can be very hard. If you read Fran Drescher's book "Cancer, Schmancer", or anything about Gilda Radner, you'll realize that a lot of doctors discount complaints from "young" women. It is sad, because young women can have ovarian or uterine cancer, and their treatment is frequently delayed by doctors being reluctant to make a diagnosis.

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I just had a pelvic and vaginal US which showed thickening of the endometrium. I also had the blood test that showed I am definitely in menopause. Had a period in March of 2004 and didn't have another one until Jan 2005. This is what caused the concern. I am scheduled to have a biopsy Feb 25th. How did your results turn out? I have also had lung cancer, they removed the upper and middle lobes of the R lung in Nov 2002. I am rather worried about this new development and don't know if it could be from a stray cancer cell from the lung or if the endometrial possibility of cancer is separate. I would like to know what your Dx was yesterday. I hope you are doing well. I will pray for you. Thanks,

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My doctor told me I have an endometrial polyp? My other doctor wanted me to get an US on my ovary(before the biopsy). The doctor that did the biopsy was my second opinion doctor( he did the biopsy on my first visit to him). My original GYN does not even know that I had a biopsy. Now my problem is, do I still go to get my ovary checked out. If my biopsy is negative for cancer should I still go to have the US? I don't want them to think I want cancer. I am more confused!

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