1.5 Years since surgery

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On Monday of this week, I had a follow-up colonscopy because they found two polyps three months ago and one they could not remove all. On Monday, they could find no sign of ANY polyps and she "washed" me clean and could find nothing anywhere. And I dont have to have another one for two years!! Hurray and Praise God for this good news. Now what I am wondering is that I have been told that most colon cancer does not return to the colon but goes elsewhere. I am having CEA levels and liver panels checked every three months, but is there anything else I should be doing to try to keep on top of this? Are there any symptoms I should be on the look out for relating to liver mets? I am not looking for trouble, just want to be as informed as I can. As a reminder, my cancer was a B1/B2 and I had no chemo, just a colon resection.
Thanks everyone and I dont post alot but I always try to read and keep up with you all and pray for all of you!


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    Hi Franny,
    You are going well. I found the time after treatment the worst as you have been cut loose and are not actively doing anything to combat cancer. Don't fret just live as healthy a life style as possible. If you have any concerns ask your doc and keep up the regular scheduled tests. Take heart by the end of year seven a stomache ache once again just becomes a 24 hr virus. Good luck Ron.
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    I had a reoccurance after 2 years clean. It was to the Liver. No signs...no symptoms, just an elevated CEA. Caught it early. Now, cancer free again. Keep up with your CEA check every 3 months and your colonosopies.