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taking hexamethylmelamine

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Well insted of going with an interveinious type chemo my dr. chose this. It is a pill form of chemo. I take 400mg for 14 days and off for 14. I don't know how many cycles I'll have to take. probably depends on how my CA-125 is and my other labs. My question is, once again, has any one take this type of chemo. I know I ask a lot of questions. I just now started too and I've been dealing with this now for 2 years. Thanks for listening/reading. (((HUGS)))) to everyone. My prayer and thoughts are with you all.

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Mary, good luck on the oral chemo but just wanted to say hello and send you prayers and hugs. I have not been on it myself but we have to just keep trying and one of these days they have to find a cure.


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Thanks Bonnie. I know, but sometimes it gets hard. Maybe this will kick it for a while and it will give me a rest when i'm through with how many rounds he decides to do. Not ready to give up yet!!!!!! (((HUGS))) back.


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After trying nearly every other IV medication I am now taking Hexalon (every day for 2 weeks, then off 2 weeks.) It has really caused a lot of nausea & vomiting, also exhaustion, but it's just something you have to do. So far (after 2 wks) my CA 125 has come down from 288 to 186 so am hopeful that it will work. I have been in remission 2 times from Taxol/Carboplatin and Taxotere/Carbo, but looks like that has stopped working.

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