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Secondary Liver Cancer

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This is my third new thread topic this week. Hope it's not too much!
I had my first C-T scan done yesterday after finding a rectal tumor last week. C-T scan saw a golf ball size mass in my liver in which "the enhancement pattern is not suggestive of a benign hemangioma". They're not sure it's cancer but of course I'm very concerned and am now trying to learn more about secondary liver cancer. I am talking to surgeon tomorrow who will refer for more tests to determine if it is cancer.
Any information about this is appreciated.
Thank-you : )

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Your questions are always helpful to all of us. I learn something new with each and every posting. I'm sorry I don't have any information about secondary liver cancer, but I'm sure someone will respond with some answers or information.

Keep up the posts. It's good for you as well as the rest of us.

wishing you all the best,


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Ummm, I would tend to suspect that the lesion on your liver is colon cancer, not secondary liver cancer. What made you come to the conclusion that it is liver cancer?
Colorectal cancer often travels to the liver. The good news is that since it is only one lesion you are probably a candidate for surgery. I had a metastatic lesion to the liver and had it successfully removed. You can actually have a large portion of your liver removed and it will grow back, just like a "lizards tail". The liver is the only organ in the human body capable of regenerating itself. It is quite remarkable. It does this w/in a matter of weeks! I would not go to a general surgeon for this procedure if I were you, but rather seek treatment at a major cancer center, such as MD Anderson or Mayo Clinic where they have specialists who only operate on metastatic tumors to the liver.
Best of luck to you. It is not the end of the world, belive me.

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Ack! Not sure what the proper terminolgy is...I thought I saw it called secondary liver cancer. CRC metastisized to liver.
That is great news to hear about surgery possibilities. Sorry to hear you had mets, but glad to hear you are doing better. I still don't know for sure that it is cancer, but have a sinking feeling it is. Its depressing because I thought I was Stage 2 or 3, not 4.
But, right, you say it's not the end of the world! It's going to be hard for me to maintain that outlook. I've struggled with anxiety and depression my whole life. Hearing everyone sound so optimistic and positive is good but at the same time, I'm wondering if it's in me to think the same way.
But information is empowering. Thank-you!

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I agree that you should be seen at a major cancer center and you should be seen by an oncology surgeon. If it is colon cancer that has spread to the liver, maybe you could have both surgeries at once.
Good luck, Maureen

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There is no such thing as too much posting! We're here whenever you need us:) Although I know more about pulmonary mets., liver is the most common site of metastatic disease for CRC. They can do great things with liver lesions. Systemic chemo, radiofrequency ablation, or resection. We have a Stage IV survivor, Stacy, who had liver mets. resected and she is doing well 3 years later. Let's hope the lesion is benign but if it is a metastatic lesion there is plenty of reason to hope for a cure:)

I think it's great that you're so on top of everything. It took me 9 months post diagnosis to get info.. I have found educating myself a very crucial tool in maintaining my wellness. It also keeps my doctors on their toes (which is never a bad thing!).

As Nemo says "Just keep swimming!" and be well,

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Just keep swimming....I love that

and TY to you and others for the replies and info!

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I'm stage IV colon cancer, with Mets to the liver, which is actually how they found it, the 5 cm tumor in my colon didnt show up, but hte lesions " too many to count " showed up in the intitial CT Scan...

If it makes you feel better, and it should, its probably better to have one mass, that way there are more options, a liver resection, the newest treatment, Tomography the zap it with radiation from different angles, they could also freeze it...I know because I asked about all these options and the told me I was not a candidate as I have numerous mulitple lesions....But I would wait until they can be certain exactly what is is...I had my surgery done by a GI surgeon specialist, but would concur that I would get an Oncology Surgeon as well as a Liver Surgeon / Specialist on the team...I would rather have them do both at once, as opposed to having the 1st surgery and doing a biopsy of the liver, then going back a second time....I dont know what state you are in, but I would highly recommend City of Hope if you are in Cali...

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Hiya Maria----no more talk about posting too often!!!!!The reason we are all here is to support each other, no matter what.
Of course some of us post a little humour as well(awwww--ok----I fess up!)
Maria, there is never any substitute for being better informed so you post as often as you like. I am certain I learned more from our great friends here than if I had just searched info elsewhere!
All the best, luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

"this was kanga's reply #1,642"-----lol!

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Just wanted to put my two cents in about frequent posts...there IS no such thing as too frequent. If you notice the number total number of posts to this board when you click in, you'll see we are a VERY communicative bunch. The time between initial diagnosis and surgery/treatment had to be one of the scariest times of my life...trying to stay focused and positive with near panic in my throat, but also a curious kind of detached feeling. Like you, I tried to find out all the info I could, but I didn't find this site until I was recuperating from my colectomy. The info and advice I got from folks here about chemo was, as the ad says, "priceless".
It's a great place to come, so post as the need strikes! Keep looking for answers to your questions, and be sure you have docs that you are able to commincate with.
We don't all feel so positive all the time, but it sure helps; and folks post here during the darker times, too.
Sending good thoughts and prayers your way, Judy

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My Mom had the same thing occur. As stated, met to the liver is vey common. Mom's was also large and she had another spot close to the main valve in the liver. Her liver surgeon in Dallas opted to chemo to see what could be done to shrink the large tumor-it had to be 3 cm or smaller for the probe to really be able to go in and get it all. She is currently undergoing the chemo for that. A problem she has had is that the 5FU didn't work and her tumors have spread-2 on the liver and 2 on the lungs. Get on top of this.

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