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Great Scan Results

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Good morning,

My Dad got the results of his post chemo PET and CT scans yesterday. He finished chemo 3 weeks ago. His Dr. said that he is in full clinical remission with No Evidence of Disease. At this time the Dr. doesn't feel that it is necessary to start another round of chemo as my Dad has already exceeded any expectations that either the oncologist or surgeon had initially.

Some history for any newcomers - my Dad was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in June 2004 with peritoneal carcinomatosis. Scans prior to staring chemo in August showed a small spot on the liver as well. After 3 chemo treatments the spot on the liver disappeared and has not come back. My father gained weight during treatment and never had nausea. His blood counts were always good.

If what the surgeon said after surgery was accurate, my father would not have lived to see last christmas. We didn't listen to him and said statistics are bulls**t. Every person responds differently and what was seemingly a death sentence years ago, is no longer the case today. Of course nobody can tell the future but I believed from the start that my father was going to beat the odds and now the Dr. thinks he has a chance at that too. By the way, he told us about another patient he has been seeing for 10 years with the same diagnosis as my Dad's. He had 12 months of chemo and has been off chemo now for 9 years with no recurrences. Miracles do happen.

I asked the Dr. if anybody has ever done any studies to determine if there are commonalities between late stage cancer patients who are beating the odds. You know, like finding out what those people are doing in addition to, or in place of, chemotherapy. For example, nutrition, supplements, meditation, etc. We did all of those and I believe with all my heart that it's what made the difference. The Dr. said that he is not aware of any research or studies. No surprise.

Best Wishes to All,

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Great news. Thank you for sharing your joy! It is so encouraging for all of us here at this site to hear stories like your Dad's. Miracles do happen and we must never give up the fight.



P.S. How long was his chemo treatment and what was his "cocktail"?

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He had chemo for 6 months. His treatment was 5FU, Leucovorin, Oxaliplatin and Avastin. He did alot of juicing and reduced the animal fats in his diet and eliminated all sugar. We also used some supplements like Maitake d-fraction drops, fish oil, mega multi-vitamin, multi-mineral. We are now adding extra Vitamin C, Kyolic garlic, milk thistle.

Best Wishes,

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Oh Deneen, that is such great news!!! You both must be so happy! That's sooooo wonderful... I love hearing that someone is in NED. Thanks for sharing. Good news brightens my day and also gives me hope! I hope you and your dad are enjoying this victory and are going out to celebrate! Enjoy life.


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Dear Deneen,

What wonderful news! I, too, believe in complimentary treatments in addition to the chemo. Thanks for sharing his additional supplements.

Take care,


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As a brand-new cancer patient, I was SO encouraged to read the good report on your dad. Wonder if there are others out there with Stage III signet cell adenocarcinoma who have beat the odds? My cancer is poorly differentiated and fast-moving, but, praise God, no evidence of tumour in other organs at this point. I'm trying Essiac tea and am undergoing FOLFOX chemo starting next week. Keep us posted about your dad's progress!

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Congratulations Deneen!
I am thrilled to hear your good news! You and your family were so right to fight this and never look back. The doctors understand so little about this disease. It remains a mystery despite their research. There is always hope for cure. I am so happy for you. Tell your Dad I send him a great big survivor hug!

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Good news is always welcome here. give your dad a hug from me.

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Hooray for your dad and hooray for his loving family. I'm sure you' ve played a great role in keeping his spirits up and keeping him well-stocked in juces, etc. Thanks so much for sharing your joy and the fact that "mracles" are as much a part of this journey as the scarier results. It's heartening to all of us to hear your news. Please tell your father how thrilled we all are for him.

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Hiya Deneen--hey---that qualifies your dad for the cyber NED room!!!!Tell him to pull up a chair with the rest of us NED survivors!
Wonderfull news Deneen-----give yah dad a hugg from us in OZ,
luv kanga n Jen

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