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Keeping copies of med records

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Hope everyone is doing well! I know some are awol, sitting on a beach somewhere without a care because all their cares are swimmin' in beer, margaritas and salt water (wish I was there, too), BUT...

Do ya'll keep copies of your medical records (scans, x-rays, pathology reports, blood tests, records of treatments/dosages, films, etc.) that are generated by doctors, hospitals, etc.? I'm tempted to start accumulating my wife's records before they get huge and spread all over God's creation and the hospital basement. Don't you need those for second/third opinions, or if you decide to switch doctors? And, is there a formal procedure for asking for the records, or can you just show up at the records desk?

Or am I just leanin' toward that anal/retentive trait?

Thanks. Jimmy

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Hi Jimmy,
For what it's worth, I've kept all my blood work, doctors reports and various films,CAT Scan, PET Scan, Mri and CT/PET scans since the first operation in January 2000. I have been to 3 hospitals and have had a few different doctors so it helped that they were able to look at my history. I also keep on my computer a record of how I feel, so that I can try to guess when I'll really feel good. There is no pattern! Right now I'm off Chemo,Folfox4,since Dec.2 and still have the side effects.
I have not had a problem getting any of my records. Just ask. Sometimes it may take a few days.
Have a good day. Keep the faith.

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Hi Jimmy,

I keep copies of all the records I can get my hands on, particularly blood tests, blood chemistry, CT results, PET results, surgical notes. I changed doctors when I had my recurrance and found that I had to gather all that stuff - so I just keep it now. It was hectic gathering and I wish I had done it from the beginning. But now I just ask for copies when I get tested and it is no problem.]

I also keep a journal about how I feel each day on chemo - it really helps when I need to talk to the doctor about symptoms and side effects.

How is your wife doing? I think of her often.


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Hi. I keep copies of relevant records, not all. Generally I keep pathology results, some CT reports, some labs. Depends if anything major associated with them. I used to keep all labs but that got out of hand and did not provide anything useful for me.


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Dear Jimmy,

Keep them, keep them, keep them! Although this is coming from an obsessive-neurotic anal retentive, I have all my files. It makes second opinions or changing doctors (should the need arise) that much easier. Also, it's one way of gaining a sense of control... In the world of cancer, control is a rare and precious commodity. Anything that I can do to feel that I'm in charge, I do.

Be well.


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