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Off I go into the wild blue yander.....

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Flying high! Tomorrow I will be off to Cancun. Unbelievable!!! If you would have told me one month ago that I would be taking an impromptu trip to Mexico with my friends in one months time I would have bet money against you. I was in so much pain and so sick from chemo I would have thought you were either insane or dipping into my meds.

It is incredible to think that person was even me. I am feeling so good. Better than long before I was diagnosed with the dreaded "C" word!! I am sure a lot of that has to do with the fact that everyday I get stronger and healthier but even more is due to my new found appreciation for life and everything it has to offer. Not to mention that I just got the results to my first 3 month CT scan..... ALL CLEAR!!!!!

For those still battling the beast... keep the faith!! For those survivors...everyone, please... join me in a toast. Tomorrow at this time I will be on the beach, sitting with my feet in the water, palm trees a swaying in the breeze raising my margarita high in the sky saluting life!!!!


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Congratulations!! I am so thrilled you are doing so well. You have a great time on that well deserved vacation. I too was scheduled to head to Mexico (Manzanillo) in December, but failed my CT test and had a recurrance. I am battling that now with all good results (caught it early) and plan to take my Mexican vacation in May!

Have a Margarita for me and have a wonderful time. You deserve it.


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Hi MJay,

Have a wonderful, wonderful time! It is so well-deserved. You sound happy and healthy and it is nice to hear. Enjoy yourself!

Lots of love,

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I will definitely join you in a toast. Have a great trip, you deserve it.


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Way to go girl - Have a Cuervo on me!
Enjoy the trip - you definitely deserve this one!
All the best.

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"CLINK" here's to ya.XXXXX Ron

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MJay, I love hearing the joy in your voice. Have a great time healing and enjoyng that new found appreciation for life. You've really got something to celebrate!

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Great news!! I can feel your smile beaming from way over there (wherever you are). I will definitely raise my glass to you! Salute! and Congratulations.

Lorraine :)

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Mjay Buenas dias! Nice to hear you are clear & going out to enjoy a long deserved vacation. Have a great time & no worries/better days. Salude as they say down there....

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