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Wow! I didn't realize there were so many Young survivors! I'm Alicia, and I too am a young survivor, I was dx with GTD at the age of 16 in 1995. I haven't actually met anyone else with my form of cancer. After a 1/4 hysterectomy, 3 cycles of Methotrexate and Leucovorin, and 2 cycles of Cisplatin and Vespisid, and going bald...I finially hit "remission" in the summer of '95. I'm now 26, happily married with two sons, and 9+ years cancer free. Just thought I'd introduce myself.

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Congratulations on your recovery! This board is not very active unfortunately. Every once in a while it kinda "perks up". Some of the folks here have tried to get some chats going w/ limited success. It seems that more people just go ahead and post under their own type of cancer instead of in the more specific categories. But anyway, welcome and keep checking back!
-Susan (34 yr. old survivor of colon cancer)

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Hey Alicia, your a true survivor! glad to have you here! Keep on fightin! Your sons have a great mom and I hope they see it! Hugs and welcome!!!!


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Awesome! Great news! Thanks for sharing. My name is Michael. I dont have cancer, but I come here for attention........ just kidding! Actually, I was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia when I was 21 years old. I am now 30 and have been in remission for 8 years. God bless.

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