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I have been monitoring the garden for weeks and just saw some little (1/4") things poking through the leaves. According to my diagram they would be crocus and snow drops. Proof that at least some of the bulbs did not become rodent fodder. I was going to take some photos but that would be too obssessive, even for me. I should wait until they bloom.
Pictures of my other obsession are listed at the bottom of my website. Title: The Year of Monkees.
Our littlest sprout celebrated her first birthday. All the "adults" fought over the toys. Hey, its my turn on the xylophone! Stop hitting me with that thing. Baby Ava was very patient with us and generous with her loot.
I am going back into hibernation now even though it is 60'F outside. It seems to be hard wired in to my brain from growing up in Canada. Will catch up on the posts after some stronger coffee.
Aspaysia. See you in the spring...zzzzzzz

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Hi Aspaysia,
I went looking for my crocus...but, oh, wait, we still have about a foot of heavy wet snow on the ground. Spent yesterday afternoon chopping troughs in the mother of all ice dams on our back roof. Today I tried to release all those low lying evergreen branches from the snow mantle. I did tell myself that at least I was working in the garden! And to think we are heading to the Laurentians in a couple of weeks! The 50 degree weather here yesterday was just a tease!
Hoping for spring and the renewal of all growing things, Judy

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Hi Asp,

Glad to hear the garden is coming along. I love spring and all the fresh new growth that it brings. Post the pics of your new little ones, from the garden and from the heart. Look forward to hearing from you after hibernation.


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Hi there fellow gardener!!!!

I too love my gardens and have loved this recent warm spell. It was 70 here in NC today. We won't see that again for awhile but it sure was nice. Did you see "your photo" from the reunion? It's the one with us all toasting a martini. I did my very first ever martini in my young 50 years and of course in honor of you, it had to be a chocolate martini!!!!!

Lisa Rose ended up ordered the same and we toasted to you and hoped you would understand...no margarita.

Lisa P.

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A trip to Mexico introduced me to chocolate chicken but martinis? What a waste of my favorite comfort food (the chocolat, of course)
I saw the photos and it looks like you guy had fun. The excuse for my absence is a fifty pound bundle of joy who celebrated her first birthday on January 30th and I have the photos to prove it. I could not miss the chance to be a kid again and crawl around on the floor. Hey, it sounds like you all did some of that yourselves.
Aspaysia, who does not touch alcohol unless it surrounded by candy.

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